User Roles & Special Privileges

We’ve built Interviewer.AI to be an end-to-end hiring platform. Our customers manage their subscriptions, and we support them when they need assistance using the platform. Building and managing a hiring team on Interviewer.AI is easy, and team members can be assigned user roles that match their responsibilities in the hiring lifecycle.


The user roles available on Interviewer.AI meet the requirements needed to conduct hiring campaigns:

  • Job creator – recruiters to post structured interviews as job openings
  • Contributor – hiring managers to evaluate candidate responses and finalize the hires
  • Admin – IT admins to manage the security aspects and third-party integrations for the subscription. 

Job Creator

Job creators are individuals looking to hire people for their growing businesses or members of the HR team in large companies who hire for internal or third-party jobs.


Job creators have the following privileges:

  • Create job interviews and share the resulting job postings on Social Media sites and public web pages.
  • Track the candidate responses for the job postings and generate hiring-progress reports.
  • Schedule interviews with hiring managers or other evaluators.
  • Manage the candidate lifecycle by moving their candidatures through the various hiring stages.
  • Maintain a Talent pipeline and leverage the talent pool for future hiring requirements.


Contributors are individuals who evaluate the competency of the candidates. Contributors can be hiring managers, potential teammates, or contractors conducting the evaluation.


Contributors have the following privileges:

  • Evaluate candidate responses and determine the suitability of the candidates for the jobs.
  • Grade candidates on additional factors that aren’t measured by the AI and provide assessment feedback.
  • Shortlist candidates or reject their candidature.


Admins manage the Interviewer.AI subscription.


Admins have the following privileges:

  • Invite Job creators and Contributors to sign up for Interviewer.AI.
  • Enable third-party integrations with platforms such as Zapier and Calendly.
  • Manage Interviewer.AI subscription and billing.

Super Admin

Super admins are dedicated Contributors on an Interviewer.AI setup shared by multiple companies or distinct business segments in a company. Super admins evaluate the competency of the candidates for one or more companies or business segments.


The Super admin role is in development and will be made available soon. This role will be available for the Advanced and Enterprise plans.


You can look at reviews on G2, Capterra, or Trustpilot for our clients’ success stories.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or look through our Help Center!

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