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50 Credits

Credits or Candidate Assessments

Top features :

50 Candidate assessments
Free Career Page

300 Credits

Credits or Candidate Assessments

Top features :

Unlimited jobs
Unlimited Users
300 Candidate responses
Free Career Page


Credits or Candidate Assessments

Top features :

What do candidate assessment scores include ?

Interviewer.AI provides the most comprehensive, top of funnel recruitment screening solution that includes three basic components

video interview

Resume Score

Resume Score uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and deep natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to exact text from resumes and match it against the job Description.

The AI score replaces traditional keyword search (that recruiters largely employ), and replaces it with deep learning algorithms that understand the context behind every word in a resume using named entity recognition.

It gives you absolute AI scores, based on a database of 120M resumes.
video interview

Workmap Score

The WorkMap evaluates candidates’ skills and competencies based on specific roles they applied for.

The required competencies to perform certain work tasks varies across different industries, functions, or roles. With the WorkMap, candidates are assessed on critical competencies that will help them succeed at their roles in the future.

The score is based on a 7-point Agreeableness Likert scale containing 25-35 questions where each skill is assessed using 5-7 statements.

video interview

AI Video Score

Interviewer.Al’s proprietary framework provides ratings for the candidates’ spoken words, voice, as well as facial expressions during the video interview.

Candidates are given a score out of a hundred for each assessment parameter. These scores are aggregated into an overall score for their video interview.

A higher score on the bar would indicate that the candidate fared better based on objective ratings of their behaviour on the video interview based on public and on platform datasets.

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AI video interview
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