How Video Interviews Turn Your Recruitment Cost Effective

Cut Costs with Smart Video Interviewing Software

Reduce The Cost of Hiring Using Artificial Intelligence

How Video Interviews Turn Your Recruitment Cost Effective

The investment you make when hiring a new employee is determined by many factors, not just salary. Recruiting, resume evaluation, candidate selection, interviews, and each other step in the hiring process each consume valuable resources.

But by leveraging the latest HR technology available, you can find new efficiencies that will allow your team to be more productive and cut costs. Video Interviews are an exciting and effective way of conducting interviews. They reduce the cost of hiring and provide a more efficient process for both the applicant and the hiring manager. Interviewer.AI reduce the cost of hiring using AI making the hiring process cost effective.

Benefits of AI in Recruiting

Benefits of AI in Recruiting

Interviewer.AI makes your hiring team more productive by augmenting the traditional part of the recruitment process that is performed by human HR professionals. Your team will have more time for the activities that only they can do when other elements of the process are automated by integrating the scalability and objectivity of our smart video interview assessments


Our platform turns the observable features of a candidate such as eye contact, emotional state, and energy level into data points that our AI then uses to evaluate each candidate according to key success factors based on the latest Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychology heuristics and machine learning.


That data is then used to rank your candidates so that you can identify the most promising applicants.

How it Works

It’s easy to get started with Interviewer.AI. All you have to do is:

  1. Create an interview
  2. Add questions
  3. Share it with candidates
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That’s all we need to rank your candidates. In addition to the candidate’s score, you will have access to rich video responses with deep insights into each candidate.

Then, when you’re ready to schedule an in-person interview, you can save time by doing that within the platform. Selected candidates will receive a link to your calendar so that they can schedule an interview at a time that works for them and fits into your schedule.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to see how Interviewer.AI can improve your hiring process, sign up for a free trial today (no credit card required). You’ll have full access to the platform, so you can see firsthand how we help you prescreen candidates, get deeper insights into each applicant, and schedule interviews with ease.

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