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Interviewer.AI is all about efficiency. The first and most important factor is being mentally prepared and we will help you build up your self-confidence.

For a simple reason, trusting yourself is the bridge between your knowledge, experience, and personal background to the external world. Interviewer.AI has a candidate-first approach. So you can easily record an introduction video or take mock interviews and see your AI Scores. Companies look for qualities like quick learnability and problem-solving skills.

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With remote and hybrid hiring becoming the norm, get insights to improve your performance to crack that next interview. With Interviewer.AI, stay ahead in the hiring process.

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Try our AI-based video platform for mock interviews and pre-interview preparation. Get an assessment on how you perform and check your scores to improve your performance.

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Be confident of your skills, achievements, projects and more. Practice and build your introduction on video. Interviewer.AI allows you to get sharp and camera-ready for that next video interview.

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Prepare better for remote and hybrid roles, with our video assessment tool

Our Explainable

AI Approach

Our Explainable AI Approach

At Interviewer.AI, we build Explainable AI to bring the most transparent and user-friendly smart hiring solution to your company. We help recruitment teams to identify desirable candidates during the entire talent acquisition process. An Explainable AI approach allows to highlight candidates’ key performance factors and minimize the risk of making biased decisions. 

At Interviewer.AI, we build Explainable AI[1] to help teams identify desirable talents in their talent acquisition processes. Having an Explainable AI framework allows us to provide insights on the key performance factors of candidates and minimize the risk of prejudice judgements that may arise from black-box AI approaches.

Get All of Your Questions Answered

As a candidate, can I understand what AI tools are measuring?

Absolutely. We not only help you better understand what the AI tools are measuring, but also coach you to improve by helping you prep for job interviews.

Will you be sharing the AI scores of interviews I take using Interviewer.AI?

Transparency is key to taking virtual interviews. We recommend employers to share the AI scores with all candidates who apply for any job. Please note, these do not include internal notes, or feedback from the business or the hiring team, just how the AI is measuring your responses in terms of Professionalism, Sociability, Energy Levels, and Communication Skills. 
Copy the shareable link for the job and share it as a LinkedIn status update. You can also embed the Interviewer.AI job link to the 'Apply now' button to the Job Description on your company career page.

How many mock interviews can I take?

At Interviewer.AI, our goal is to help you succeed in job interviews which are largely virtual in nature. Depending on your skills and profile, we recommend up to 3 mock interviews before you have in-person interview with a hiring manager. 

Does using Interviewer.AI guarantee a job?

After working with over 600 clients worldwide, we noticed candidates make common mistakes in answering structured interview questions. Our goal is to help you succeed at job interviews. A job has other parameters at play including the compensation, the role, the seniority, the team dynamics, that beyond the scope of what Interviewer.AI can do. However, we are committed to help you get to the hiring manager interview round so that you can present your candidature in the best possible manner. 

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