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Nikola Nowak

Lead Recruiter, Tutlo, Poland

This is a huge time-saver as plain CRM is not enough nowadays – especially with a large number of applications, where it is not possible to talk to each person individually and we all know each person is much more than just a CV. I believe it’s a great tool for every company!

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Khaled A.

Talent Attraction & Success Team, USA

Interviewer.ai is an extremely well thought out tool for the hiring team. I am eagerly awaiting Zapier and Indeed integrations as this will make the workflow much improved.

The video screening ability that interviewer.ai provides is very helpful in saving time and improving the candidate search process. I am pleased with this tool and look forward to seeing it be developed to a segment leader as time progresses.

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video interview partner


HR, Digital Dandy, Australia

I used to spend endless hours interviewing potential candidates, only to be forced to settle on a candidate because of interview fatigue. Interviewer AI changed that. I was able to interview dozens and dozens of candidates, all by lifting a finger. I was able to find some amazing candidates using this software.

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blackelm equity

Josef Chen

Chairman, UK

Great piece of software

It increases workflows tremendously and the design is very clean. Definitely a must-have if you have a lot of applicants.

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Bernell Ingram

Owner, Visions International USA

The Pre-Interview Video was very valuable to give all qualified candidates an opportunity to interview and be evaluated with a practical lens focused on their skills, experience, capabilities and presence relevant to the position.
Overall our experience was great and very valuable to accomplish our goals of recruitment, deeper candidate evaluation, streamlining the process, and saving time. Interviewer.AI Team was highly responsive, professional and available to assist with setup, deployment, clarifications, recommendations and ongoing support.

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Helen Asterix


I’m not sure if I would have enjoyed the process of interviewing candidates if Interviewer.AI didn’t exist. This tool made it so much easier to screen candidates by grading their resumes, skill assessments, and videos. The tool also allowed me to quickly interview the top candidates. Now, I have a shortlist of candidates to call in for one-on-one interviews. Support is really fast and courteous. All the best!

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