Using AI in Recruiting To Increase Diversity At The Workplace

Reduce the Impact of Unconscious Bias with Smart Video Interviewing Software

Using Artificial Intelligence For Diversity and Inclusion

Using AI in Recruiting To Increase Diversity At The Workplace

Artificial intelligence can make your team more productive than ever before—when done right. Perhaps no one is more aware of this than the people at HireVue, who shut down part of their AI offering due to bias found during an audit. If your company is engaging in discriminatory hiring practices, intentionally or not, there is a long list of negative repercussions that are likely to follow.

Aside from potential lawsuits and bad press, biased hiring practices are likely to lead your hiring team to miss out on the best candidates for your job openings. That’s why Interviewer.AI is specifically designed to identify the top candidates regardless of the irrelevant factors that sometimes lead companies to miss out on top talent due to unconscious bias and help increase diversity at the workplace.

How Interviewer.AI Avoids Machine Bias From The Hiring Process?

How Interviewer.AI Avoids Machine Bias From The Hiring Process?

Interviewer.AI implements many measures to ensure that our platform identifies your best candidates no matter their race, ethnicity, or gender. Chief among them is our Explainable AI approach.

Many AI tools exist in a black box, in which they could be judging candidates on an unfair basis, without anyone (even the developers of the software) knowing it. Interviewer.AI is built to evaluate defined observable features with high accuracy, which are then used as inputs to calculate the key success factor scores using explainable machine learning methods that can be interpreted by a human being.

Here are some of the other steps we take to guard against machine bias from the recruiting process:

  • We also use supervised training datasets, which means that our AI is monitored to ensure that it is promoting good decision making.
  • We ensure that there is a fair representation of age groups, genders, and ethnicity in our datasets.
  • Our model training datasets are global in scope and purposefully curated to avoid any undesirable historical biases in hiring.
  • Interviewer.AI can assess interviews in different languages, which allows candidates to present in their native language if the human interviewer allows multi-lingual responses on our platform.

Interviewer.AI helps remove bias from the hiring process & solve the diversity problem. We use AI to conduct more objective interviews so hiring managers can focus on what matters most: candidate’s potential to do the job to increase diversity at the workplace.

Don’t Miss Out on the Best Candidates

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Since our AI models are trained to be blind towards age, gender, and ethnicity, you can be sure that subjective judgments aren’t causing you to miss out on top talent. Remove All Bias from the Hiring Process with Interviewer.AI. We know you’ll love it when you see it, so we’ve made it easy to get started.

If you’re ready to see how Interviewer.AI can improve your hiring process, sign up for a free trial today (no credit card required). You’ll have full access to the platform, so you can see firsthand how we help you prescreen candidates, get deeper insights into each applicant, and schedule interviews with ease.

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