Interviewer.AI is a hiring and talent management platform with Video Intelligence at its core. We built this platform so you can use asynchronous video interviews to pre-screen candidates for vital traits early on in the hiring lifecycle. One way video interviews save you time—you share an interview with 100s of candidates and wait for our AI to analyze their responses.


Job interviews created on Inteviewer.AI are bundled with timed questions for the one way video interview. We offer a wide range of popular questions to help you vet candidates for Adaptability, Culture Fit, Project Management, Teamwork, Time Management, and other desired traits. You can add questions for skills, qualities, and values you seek and categorize them to let other recruiters use them for their interviews. See Add assessments to interviews for more details.


Our Artificial Video Intelligence

When candidates apply for the job, they record their responses using a video camera and audio mike and submit them as part of their job application. Our AI uses Computer Vision (expression analysis), Voice Analysis, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to assess and score candidates’ video responses. Candidates are scored on four traits—Professionalism, Energy levels, Communication, and Sociability. Candidates can respond in English, German, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Polish, and Spanish.


Basic Video Intelligence


That’s not all; the videos are available to all users of the subscription for analysis. Hiring managers can play the videos, assess the relevance of the responses, and assign their scores and feedback. This way, you increase the chances of hiring the best fit for the job. See Evaluate candidates for details.


Video Responses


We’ve also packed our platform with Resume Scoring, WorkMap assessment, and Candidate Ranking features. So, you can pretty much fill open job positions in just a couple of days.