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Interviewer.AI is one of the leading hiring and talent management platforms. Our platform has been used by new, growing, and established companies for hiring and interview training for more than four years. Our customer base is global and growing rapidly, and we’re constantly adding new features to our platform.


We’ve now extended our platform for job seekers like you so you can prepare for real-world job interviews. We offer mock interviews aligned with your job function and job title so you can gauge your skills, iron out your flaws, and get your claws into your interviews 😎


Our mock interviews are vetted by industry experts, and we guarantee that you will find them helpful, whether you’re a fresher or a professional with a few years of work experience. By taking our mock interviews, you let us and our AI help you become better at being professional, pleasant, and positive during your actual job interviews. Our AI will analyze your interview responses and train you to be the desired candidate for real-world jobs.


Train with Mock Interviews

Our mock interview training works in three stages—Preparation, Assessment, and Candidate Feedback. Training is a continuous process. So you will need to do a few mock interviews to build your interview skills.


1. Candidate Preparation

Using a new system requires some preparation. We’ve reduced manual efforts around using our mock interviews offerings, and most of the preparation you need to start using our platform is a one-time effort.


You’ll need the following to take mock interviews.


  • 15 to 20 minutes to complete the interview: Mock interviews include a WorkMap assessment to assess your job skills and video interview questions to assess your interpersonal skills.
  • Resume: A credible resume that you can upload as part of the interview submission.
  • Equipment and environment for the video interview: Some technology equipment, such as a smartphone or a laptop, or a desktop with a webcam, and an audio mike is required to record your audio and video for the video interviews.


See Prepare for video interviews for more details about setting up the equipment and environment for the interview.


2. Candidate Assessment

Our mock interviews are built to assess your readiness for taking on real-world interviews comprehensively. Taking mock interviews on our platform is easy, and the overall process is intuitive.


See Take mock interviews for the complete process to take and submit mock interviews.


3. Candidate Feedback

Our AI starts assessing your mock interview soon after you submit the interview, and you will see your results as an Interview Assessment report in a few hours.


Interview Assessment reports show your Resume Score, WorkMap Score, Video scores, and tips to improve the scores.


See mock interview results for more details.


Stay tuned. We’re building a Learning Community with blueprints for giving interviews and tips from job seekers like you who aced their job interviews 💪


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If you need help using our platform, read the articles and FAQs in our Help Center. You can also write to us at support@interviewer.ai, and we’ll be glad to help you.


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