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Interpreting interview results have never been easier. Our Interview Assessment report is short and sweet and gives you actionable insights to improve your interview skills 🚀


How our AI scores Mock Interviews

Our AI assesses your mock interviews for three critical parameters—Resume, Job Skills, and Interpersonal Skills.


1. Relevance of your resume to the job description

Having a good resume is a big bonus for interviews. Good resumes include key details such as educational qualifications and certifications, technical and non-technical skills, work experience, and professional achievements.


Our AI assesses your resumes for three things—skills, education, and job experience. So, using a resume relevant to your Job function and Job title gives you a good Resume Score.


See Resume Scoring for more details about how we score resumes.


2. Suitability of your skills for the job

We use WorkMap assessments to assess the skills you require to perform at jobs. Our Corporate customers use WorkMap to pre-screen their candidates. For example, for an Accounting and Finance job, WorkMap advocates that candidates have Accountability, Analytical Reasoning, Attention to Detail, Commercial Acumen, Problem Solving, and Interpersonal skills.


The WorkMap assessment in your mock interview contains questions about the skills required for your Job title and the Job function. Your responses to the questions are evaluated and scored for each of the skills in the assessment.


See WorkMap for more details about our WorkMap framework.


3. Quality of the interpersonal skills you exhibit in the video interview

Our AI analyzes the audio and video responses to the video interview questions using Computer Vision (expression analysis), Voice Analysis, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. It then assigns scores for four interpersonal skills—Professionalism, Energy levels, Communication, and Sociability. Because our AI works with an efficiency of over 80%, the video scores are accurate and give a good measure of the quality of your interpersonal skills.


See Video Intelligence for more details about how our AI scores your video responses.


Mock Interview Report

One of the key benefits of taking mock interviews on our platform is that you get numerical scores (Resume Score, WorkMap Score, and Video scores) and our insights and tips to better your interview skills. Scores and tips are available per mock interview, and you can see them in your Interviewer.AI account.


It may take a few hours after you submit an interview to see your results in your account. You also get an email with the link to the videos recorded for the interview.


What next?

Aced the interview?

Did you ace the interview? Thinking what’s next? Take more mock interviews and try to better your scores. Also, please share your results with your friends and spread the word about how our platform helped you ace real-world interviews.


Contribute to our Learning Community with tips for other job seekers like you who are training on our platform 🏆


Need improvement?

Disheartened with the interview results? Wondering what to do? Don’t fret; we’ve got this covered 💪 Remember that training for interviews and anything, in general, is a continuous process. At times, success is not instant but guaranteed with hard work and the right approach.


Here are some tips for building your interview skills.

  • See the tips listed in your results for an interview and use them in subsequent interviews.
  • Consult a Communication skills trainer or a similar professional in that capacity to obtain detailed feedback. Show them your video interview and find out what you can do better.
  • Consult a professional resume writer to get your resume suited for a better Resume Score. Our AI scans your resume like other popular job sites and talent software. So, getting the resume tuned for better scores on our platform improves your chances of cracking real-world interviews.
  • Understand the questions in the WorkMap assessment before you answer them. These questions evaluate the primary skills required for a job, and you can’t lack any of the skills. For example, suppose you don’t positively agree with the question ‘I find meaning in establishing relationships with the people I work with.’ In that case, you don’t come across as a team player, which affects your WorkMap score.

You can look at reviews on G2, Capterra, or Trustpilot for our clients’ success stories.

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