Add Accurate Assessments to Interviews

Interviews with assessments help you pre-screen candidates for their skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the job. On Interviewer.AI, you can add two levels of assessments for interviews:

  • WorkMap assessment – WorkMap is our framework that maps job functions to the primary skillset expected of the candidates. We’ve built a bunch of questions that evaluate the primary skills and the knowledge required, and abilities expected of these skills. There are questions for every primary skill expected for the 20 job functions supported on Interviewer.AI. See WorkMap for more details about the framework.
  • Asynchronous video assessment – one of the core capabilities of Interviewer.AI is evaluating video responses using Computer Vision (expression analysis), Voice Analysis, and Natural language processing (NLP). Adding Asynchronous video assessment questions help you collect video responses and allow our AI to grade them. You can also play the videos and grade the responses. See Video intelligence for more details about how our AI analyzes videos.

Interviews that contain both WorkMap and Personality assessments have a far greater potential to help you find desired hires. Recruiters often need hiring managers’ opinions to decide if WorkMap and Personality assessments are needed and what Personality questions to add. So, we recommend that you discuss this with the hiring managers.


Both WorkMap and Personality assessments are added as part of creating or updating interviews. See Create interviews to get a sense of the steps and the workflow to create interviews.


Add WorkMap Assessment

Adding a WorkMap assessment to an interview presents a prebuilt list of objective-type questions to the candidates when they respond to interviews. We dynamically build the assessment based on the WorkMap skills you select for the job.

  • Set the ENABLE WORKMAP ASSESSMENT toggle switch and select the skills that must be evaluated for the job.



Add Built-In Asynchronous Video Assessment Questions

You can add up to 10 questions to an interview. The candidate video responses to the questions are time-limited, and the total duration of the videos cannot exceed 30 minutes. So, you can add ten questions with a 3-minute response timer for each question.

  1. In the Categories pane on the left, click a relevant skill category. All relevant questions are listed in the Question bank pane.
  2. In the Question bank pane, click the + icon for the questions you want to add.
  3. Set the timers for the questions.
  4. Click Create or Update depending on whether you’re creating or updating the interview.


Add Your Own Questions

Some jobs may require specific software or hardware skills. For example, Oracle NetSuite ERP, or Zoho Books for Account and Finance jobs and Routers and Switches for Information Technology jobs.


You can add custom questions for such skills by category. Creating meaningful categories can help other recruiters find these questions quickly.


Currently, all the questions you want to add to a specific category must be added at one go. You cannot add questions to an existing category you previously created. We’re working on improving this experience in future releases.

  1. Click Create Category (above the question questions).
  2. In the Category Name text box, enter a name.
  3. In the Category Description text box, enter a description.
  4. Click Add a question and add the question, and set the timer.
  5. Add all the questions you want to add in the category.
  6. Click Submit.


You can look at reviews on G2, Capterra, or Trustpilot for our clients’ success stories.
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