Archive Interviews – A Step-by-Step Guide

On Interviewer.AI, archiving interviews frees up slots to create more interviews—this allows you to add new interviews until you meet the ‘Live interviews’ limit for your subscription. Archived interviews can be restored after archiving the ones that are Live now.


If you skillfully archive and restore interviews, you can create and manage interviews way above the listed Live interviews limit for your subscription.


We designed it this way for these reasons:

  • To help our customers make the best use of their subscriptions, specifically the limit for ‘Live jobs.’ Live jobs are job postings that are currently active and accept applications from candidates.
  • To help our customers cope with multiple job openings and long hiring cycles.
  • To help recruiters reduce their overhead to delete and re-create job interviews during a ‘hiring freeze.’

Archive Interview

Interviewer.AI automatically sets a backdate and expires the interview when you archive an interview. Archived interviews are unavailable for candidates to apply.


We recommend that you wait at least 30 days after sharing an interview to archive it. This ensures that you provide sufficient time for candidates to respond and avoid a sub-optimal experience.

  1. Go to the Interviews page and click the 3-dot menu of the relevant interview.
  2. Click Archive Interview.
  3. Click Archive to confirm.

Restore Interview

Restore an archived interview when you want to make it available to potential candidates for applying.

  • Click the date of the archived interview in the Expired column, set a future date, and click Update expiry date.


  • Alpha Solutions is currently using the Premium subscription that allows five Live jobs.
  • John Doe, the recruiter at Alpha Consulting, has created two interviews for Sales job openings and three for Engineering job openings. These are now five Live jobs posted on Alpha Solutions’ Careers page.
  • John discovers that the Finance department has a job opening that must be addressed urgently.
  • Alpha Consulting does not want to upgrade the subscription.
  • John learns from the hiring manager for Sales that one of the Sales jobs can wait.
  • John archives the Sales job.
  • John posts the job opening for Finance on the Careers page.
  • John toggles between the Sales job and the Finance job by archiving one and restoring the other for shortlisting candidates.

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If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or look through our Help Center!

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