Accurate Resume Scoring

Our research and consultation with early adopters of our platform found that screening resumes is the most cumbersome and error-prone task in hiring. Errors in screening resumes exacerbate—you often lose skilled candidates and spend time evaluating candidates who aren’t going to be hired, which inadvertently extends the hiring lifecycle.


How Resume Scoring Works

On Interviewer.AI, candidate resumes are screened by our AI, and it is an apples-to-apples mapping between the text in the job description for the interview and the content in the resume.  This way, the resume scoring is as accurate as possible.


Our AI screens resumes based on four parameters: Skill, Education, Experience, and Overall match. The screening results are shown as a percentage match between the job description and the resume. You can see these results when you evaluate candidates for shortlisting.


All you need to do is build a good job description and advise candidates to submit resumes with their skills, education, and job experience.


Resume Scoring


  1. Overall Score: This score is an interpretation of an overall match of the CV to the Job description provided.
  2. Experience Score: Relates to the work experience mentioned with respect to the Job Title, Years of Experience, Industry and Job-Level.
  3. Education Score: This score is in relation to the academic entitlements, Level of education, Stream of education and any other specialisation if mentioned.
  4. Skills Score: This Score is an overall score evaluated from matching skills found in the CV of the candidate.
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