Job hiring is a data-intensive process. A job opening may sometimes invite 100s of applications. Without data-driven insights, recruiters and hiring managers often find it hard to tune their hiring preferences.


On Interviewer.AI, you get two levels of insights—Job level and User level. All widgets are listed on the Insights page. The widgets are updated in near real-time.


Job level insights are available with Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. User level insights are available with Advanced and Enterprise plans.


Insights Widgets

Widget Source Description
Company overall Backend analytics A bird’s eye view of the number of interviews and the recruitment status of the candidates
Candidate location IP geolocation A geo heatmap of candidates’ locations
Gender diversity Candidate response A distribution of candidates by their gender
Job titles Resume A distribution of job titles of the candidates
Colleges Resume A distribution of educational institutions of the candidates
Education graph Resume A distribution of educational degrees of the candidates
Source of application Backend analytics A distribution of the sources from where candidates applied
Email status Backend analytics A distribution of the response status of the emails sent to candidates


insights widgets 1

Leverage Widget Data

Some ways to leverage insights to tune your hiring preferences are:


  • Prioritize or discard relevant interview sharing options depending on the received applications using the data in the Sources of application widget.
  • Tune emails for better response rates using the data in the Email status widget.
  • Gauge the availability of talent in specific locations and plan to grow your business in such locations using the data in the Candidate location widget.


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