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About Us
Interviewer.AI is an AI-powered, recruitment optimizing platform.
Stop Screening Resumes. Interview Everyone.
Empower talent managers with candidate’s skills and competencies data to help them improve the quality of hire while reducing the cost per hire and time to hire.

What do employers have in it?
The interviewing process can be time consuming. With Interviewer.AI, you get to completely digitize your hiring process. We help you spot top quality talent from tons of applications, cutting down screening time by a massive 80 percent. It is the fastest tool to shortlist candidates for interviews, without wasting your time.

What's in it for the candidates?
When you get rejected for a job, you rarely receive feedback about your interviewing skills and how to improve on them. Interviewer.AI is an AI-powered interview coach that will train you on your interviewing skills and give you actionable feedback on how to improve your soft skills. Train with us and land your next job better and quicker.

Why Choose Us?
Interviewer.AI is amongst the first to use human psychological research, computer vision, voice analytics, and natural language processing to automatically assess and shortlist candidates with the help of AI-driven technology.

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Stop screening resumes.
 Interview Everyone.