Time Efficient: How Can AI For Recruiting Help Save Time

Save Time with Smart Video Interviewing Software

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment and Selection

Time Efficient: How Can AI For Recruiting Help Save Time

The hiring process can take up to 60 days on average, but the best candidates tend to be snatched up after about 10 daysThe best candidates can get lost in a sea of resumes. That time could be better spent discovering and engaging with the right candidates. That’s why time-to-hire is a crucial metric when you’re competing to win top talent.


A long hiring process is detrimental to candidate experience, and almost 25% of candidates reported that they lose interest in a role if they don’t hear back from the company within a week of submitting their application. That number rises to 50% if the candidate has to wait two weeks.


But most hiring teams have a lot on their plate. Some job postings receive hundreds of applicants, and you likely have other responsibilities besides just shortlisting candidates. So it’s important to increase efficiency wherever possible. AI for recruiting can help save time by automating the initial stages of candidate sourcing, screening, and scheduling of video interviews.

How to Improve Time-to-Hire with Smart Video Interviews

How to Improve Time-to-Hire with Smart Video Interviews

If your current hiring process involves reviewing stacks of resumes and coordinating interviews with candidates just to get started, video interviewing software can ease your workload and reduce your company’s time-to-hire.


Interviewer.AI combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with the latest Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychological measures of candidate performance to rank your candidates in a fraction of the time you’re currently spending on candidate selection.


Our platform uses asynchronous video interview data provided by candidates to extract visual, audio, and textual information. That information is then translated into data that our AI can analyze to measure critical cues like eye contact, emotional state, energy level, and more


Interviewer.AI uses these data points to evaluate each candidates’ key success factors through a combination of I/O psychology heuristics and machine learning. Candidates are then ranked so that you can easily see which candidates you should target during the hiring process ultimately increasing efficiency in talent acquisition using AI.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to see how Interviewer.AI can improve your hiring process, sign up for a free trial today (no credit card required). You’ll have full access to the platform, so you can see firsthand how we help you prescreen candidates, get deeper insights into each applicant, and schedule interviews with ease.

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