How Interviewer.AI works

How Interviewer.AI works

Automate your pre-screening process with Interviewer.AI
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Post a Job Opportunity

Our platform automates the entire pre-screening process—including mapping résumés to your job description, assessing your candidates’ skills, and evaluating each candidates’ soft skills and motivations for applying to your company—all within 10 minutes. Simply create a job interview and share the link on your career page, social media, or job site, and Interviewer.AI does the rest.

Let Interviewer.AI handle the Initial Screening

Would you rather spend hours doing pre-screen interviews with a huge number of applicants or focus your energies on the top candidates? Let Interviewer.AI do the heavy lifting so you can spend your time evaluating the best candidates.

Review the most qualified candidates

One of the most popular features of Interviewer.AI is the stack ranking of candidates that allows employers to shortlist candidates for interviews with ease. Our platform will provide you with in-depth hiring insights so that you can identify the best individual for the job.

Use data to decide which candidates to interview in person

For years, résumés have been the primary source of information available to help you make an informed decision about who to invite for an in-person interview. Interviewer.AI provides new, more meaningful data to guide decision-making during the hiring process. Our platform interviews everyone who applies to your job opening and creates a detailed profile for each candidate. We give you the data you need to decide which candidates to interview.

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