Candidate Ranking – Absolutely Cutting Hiring Time!

A typical day in the life of a recruiter using traditional hiring practices—gather candidate resumes from inbox, go through them and shortlist a few, forward them to hiring managers, wait to hear back (sometimes days), and then start scheduling interviews. We understand that this approach is tiring, prone to stress, and delays closing open job positions.


Add to this the time and effort hiring managers have to spend vetting resumes and interviewing and assessing candidates’ skills. More delays and an even more extended hiring lifecycle.


How We Build Candidate Rankings

Candidate Ranking

Interviewer.AI is built to crop off pre-screening efforts and shrink your hiring lifecycle by up to 80%. We’ve tuned our AI to auto-rank candidates based on their resumes, WorkMap results, and video responses.  You can see how it works on our website.


When recruiters and hiring managers access an interview on the UI, they see a ranked stack of candidates. They can start at the top of the stack and move down the stack for shortlisting candidates for further interviews.


Our customers find Candidate ranking helpful because they find their desired hire at the top of the stack. Candidate Ranking has sometimes helped them hire in a day.  You can see their success stories on G2, Capterra, or Trustpilot for our clients’ success stories.

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