Prepare for Video Interviews – Tips and Tricks

Our platform was built with Video Intelligence at its core for pre-screening candidates based on asynchronous video interviews. Our Corporate customers use asynchronous video interviews because it saves them time and cuts out bias in assessing candidates. And now, job seekers like you can use our platform and our AI to groom themselves for real-world job interviews 🤗


Video interviews on our platform are no less than a film shoot. You’ll need to be presentable and energetic, express your views assertively and confidently and be empathetic throughout the interview.  We’ve modeled our AI to high standards, so you’ll need to meet these standards to use our mock interview offerings fully. Doing so pays high dividends and helps you move closer to your dream job 🎯


Preparing for video interviews is quick and easy. You’ll need to meet some basic IT equipment and environment requirements.



Ensure you have the following hardware and software ready before attempting video interviews.

  • One of the following: smartphone, laptop computer with an integrated webcam and mike, or a desktop computer with an external webcam and external mike.
  • Stable wired or wireless internet connectivity to the phone or computer
  • If you’re using a computer, preferably connect your computer and internet router to a power backup source to avoid disconnection due to a power outage.
  • Latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox browser on the phone or computer

Based on your level of expertise with IT equipment and using audio-video collaboration on computers, do the following to use our platform:

  • Novice: If you’re new to video interviews or using audio-video collaboration software on a computer, you will most likely need some help from someone who knows how to set up and use a webcam and mike. Consider using a computer that has been used for browsing and audio-video calls; it will most likely have all the hardware and software required for video interviews.
  • Expert: If you’re a frequent user of audio-video software such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, your phone or computer is likely already set up for video interviews.

We run an equipment-check protocol when you start the mock interview. You’ll need to answer a practice question, so you’ll get to see if the equipment is in working condition.



Taking video interviews requires an ambient environment. Our AI does not apply any picture or audio corrections to your responses. So, the responses you submit must be free of audio noise and video glitches


Set up the environment as follows:

  • Pick a quiet spot with plenty of sunlight or indoor lighting and avoid overhead lighting and backlights
  • Ensure that there is no background noise or noise from electrical appliances
  • Ensure that your phone or computer is in the vicinity of the internet source and has good internet connectivity.
  • Ensure that there are no distracting objects or colors in the background


Avoid these at any cost

Here are some things you are better off avoiding in the interest of the time and effort you will spend on the video interviews.

  • Faulty equipment: Do not take the interview if the equipment-check protocol detects that your camera and mike are not working. Our AI requires high-quality audio and video in your responses to assess and score them.
  • Intermittent internet connectivity: Do not take the interview if you know of an ongoing internet outage or intermittency. You will need internet connectivity to submit the interview.
  • Taking interviews when you’re not mentally prepared: Do not take the interview when you’re drained or preoccupied. It is most likely that you’ll not be as good as you can be 😊


Tips to ace the Interview

It is vital that you understand what our AI assesses during interviews and how you can help our AI assess you better. If you follow the pointers and tips in the following video, you’re very likely to ace mock and real job interviews you take in the future.


You can look at reviews on G2, Capterra, or Trustpilot for our clients’ success stories.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or look through our Help Center!

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