Experiencing video interview software as a candidate

Candidate and video interviews

This is a first-person account from one of our candidates, experiencing the video interview software for the role.


Before I used video interview softwares, I was concerned that it would decrease the quality of my interview.  Would it make the experience more impersonal?  How would I be able to connect with the interviewer and build a relationship if we’re not actually conversing face-to-face? We are also reading about fundamental shifts in hiring in 2022


Video Interview makes it easier


However, as I was taking my video interview, I actually realised that video interviewing was actually a very innovative concept.


It wouldn’t seem more impersonal because every other candidate is doing the same thing and interviewers understand that it is meant to be different from in-person interviews.  And even if I wasn’t able to develop a relationship with the interviewer, I’m not being disadvantaged, since, again, all other candidates also won’t be able to have a personal relationship with the interviewer. It is also much more candidate friendly allowing for more convenience and flexibility for candidates.


Video interview software brings innovation


And without an actual person on the other side of the screen waiting for me to reply and unconsciously pressuring me to reply sooner, I was able to relax my mind and plan out quality responses.  The fact that I could even review my response videos at the end of my interview and retake them if need be was even more amazing. 


I have a subconscious habit of looking away from the camera when I respond to an interview question and I recognised it when I was reviewing my responses.  When I was retaking the interview the second time around, I was more self-aware and kept my gaze on the camera/computer screen in front of me.  I think video interviewing really added quality to my experience and allowed me to improve their interviewing skills before an actual interview with an actual interviewer.


Interviewer.AI’s software is amazingly easy to use.  They guide you every step of the way and provide detailed instructions so that even someone who’s new to the online skills assessment or someone who’s never taken video interviews would understand what to do.  I have to say, Interviewer.AI’s user interface has such a great minimalist design.  The videos and sound also have good quality. I would recommend other candidates to try the platform and also practice for mock interviews. You can learn more about how remote work is changing recruitment. And as candidates, we can be better prepared while preparing for that next job. 


Get video-interview-ready with Interviewer.AI. Be confident when you face your next virtual interview. Try our video assessments for mock and pre-interviews. Learn more about how candidates can use Interviewer.AI for mock interviews. Sign-up for free to try.



Blurred profile picHannah Ng is a Junior at Boston College studying Finance and Business Analytics.  She is currently an intern at Singapore for Interviewer.AI during the summer of 2022. 

Besides work, she is also very interested in hair styling and is responsible for her family’s hairstyles as a hobby.




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