How the Latest Sales Assessment Testing Tech Identifies Top Performers

Sales Assessment Testing

In the past, it was challenging to ensure that the salesperson you hired had exceptional sales skills. But now, thanks to AI-powered sales assessment testing, you can easily identify the top sales performers in your applicant pool without reading a single resume.

The Future of Sales Recruiting

We may not all be flying to client meetings in hover cars, but the future is now when it comes to hiring a sales team. The latest sales recruitment software uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to determine which of your candidates are the best fit for your sales opening from just a few minutes of video.

How a Sales Assessment Works

Interviewer.AI acts as a sales hiring assistant. As a recruiter or hiring manager, all you have to do is invite your candidates to take a brief one-way video interview. As each candidate takes this structured video interview, their results appear in a dashboard for your review.

These results are sorted based on each candidates’ sales skills. The platform also includes in-depth insights next to each score.

What Does a Sales Skills Test Tell You?

The latest sales recruiting technology takes the observable features of a candidate and translates them into data that the AI can evaluate. These features include details like:

  • eye-contact,
  • emotional state,
  • energy level, and 
  • speech pace.

Based on this audiovisual assessment, the software can then assess the candidate’s level of proficiency in critical sales skills like:

  • communication,
  • storytelling,
  • presentation,
  • negotiation,
  • sociability, and
  • judgment.

Then artificial intelligence scores each candidate based on their fit for the role, problem-solving skills, attitude, adaptability, professionalism, sociability, and communication skills. After that, you can shortlist the top candidates for a formal interview. You can also reject candidates from within the platform.

Build an Elite Sales Team with Cutting Edge Sales Assessment Testing

Thanks to these advances in sales recruiting technology, hiring great salespeople just got a lot easier. Instead of reading resumes, scheduling interviews, and asking candidates to sell you a pen, all you have to do is send them a link.

If it sounds too good to be true, sign up for a free trial today to see for yourself!

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