Thinking About Hiring Internationally?

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The recruitment market is now a global one, yet some companies are still reluctant to hire internationally. By not doing so, recruiters and business owners alike are limiting their potential growth as a brand and business.


But, if you are thinking about hiring internationally, congratulations! At some point in a company’s life, they are going to have to consider hiring someone from outside their own country, and there are many factors to consider.


Here is an article covering the basics of what you need to think about and prepare before you embark on what could be a very costly exercise, especially if you get it wrong.


  • Do you have a clear purpose and strategy for the subsidiary you want to establish?
  • Do you understand the employment environment of the country you are planning to recruit in?
  • What are your barriers to entry? Who are your competitors?
  • Why would candidates be interested in working for you?
  • Conduct face-to-face interviews with international candidates to build good rapport.
  • Ensure that your interview questions test for organizational culture fit.
  • Maintain good, regular communication with candidates so that they are aware of the entire recruitment process.
  • Plan the mode of communication and exchange that works best for your target audience.

Once you have answers to the questions and solid ideas to the plans, go for it!

International recruitment is on the radar for most companies today, but some are still yet to fully realize its benefits and potential. Whether you’re an internal recruiter or part of a recruitment team, know that international applicants always have something to offer businesses and stand out as a unique option.

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