The Interview Is As Good As The Interviewer

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I have been through so many interviews. Rarely have I come across interviewers who know how to conduct a solid one.

Recruiters, if you have ONLY been asking basic questions during your interviews such as:

“Tell me about yourself?”

“What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?”

“Why are you a good fit for this position?”…

Best believe these answers have been rehearsed thoroughly and are not a true reflection of the candidates’ knowledge, skills and abilities.

I’m here to share a checklist with you so that you can begin conducting solid interviews and become a solid interviewer.


  1. Interview Fairly – Make sure each interviewer has a chance at interviewing every candidate. Unconscious biases develop during face-to-face interviews. Eliminate that by having every interviewer interview every candidate.
  1. Develop Questions Around The Job Description – I cannot emphasize the importance of this. It is very important to have structured interview questions that test your candidates on their abilities to perform the exact duties stated in the job description.
  1. Review Job Requirements Before The Interview – Good interviewers prepare themselves before an interview. Your job as an interviewer is to review the responsibilities and requirements and test the candidates on that.
  1. Be Warm & Welcoming – You know how stressful interviews are for the candidates. Be sure to explain the order of the interview, including how long it will be and what you will cover.
  1. Take Good Notes – Trust me, you will not remember every interview. It’s best to take important notes unique for each candidate.
  1. Summarize & Talk Next Steps – The candidate always leaves the interview feeling anxious. Ease them into it by letting them know how long it would take for you to let them know your decision.

Employees are the most important assets to your company. As employers we should invest in attracting, recruiting and retaining them to the best we can. Use this checklist to conduct solid interviews and hence build a solid foundation.

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