How Do You Find Quality Talent In a Challenging Market?

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Recently, more and more companies are trying to return to a life in the workplace.  Some have opened up new positions to fill and quality talent is always in high demand.  But of course, companies will still settle for nothing but the best.  So how do you attract quality candidates to apply to your job postings?


Include Remote or Hybrid Options to Attract Quality Talent

Many businesses are permanently changing their business models to incorporate the changes made during the pandemic.  However, some companies are still struggling to keep up with all the changes.  One such change to remember is that remote work or hybrid work is becoming more welcomed: the number of companies that offer these options increased by 124%, to be exact.  Candidates want the choice and the flexibility.


This is why digital hiring is so important.  Quality talents want jobs that aren’t limited by geography or time, and video interviewing is one of the best ways to get across to them and help you obtain quality talent.


Don’t Limit Your Advertising Options

If you’re only advertising on your website or on job boards, expand your reach!  Post frequently on all types of social media, especially ones like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  This way, a more diverse range of candidates will apply for your jobs.  Also, don’t forget to join groups and include tags to increase candidate engagement!


Look at Your Talent Pool

After waiting for candidates to discover your job postings and receiving hundreds of their resumes, it’s difficult to objectively go through each and every one of the candidates’ profiles.  It’s exhausting, inefficient, and wastes your time.


What you can easily do is to go to our Talent Pool and search for people who you’ve previously Kept-In-Viewed.  Compare their skills to the skills you seek for the job opening, and if there are any matches, reach out!  Ask them if they’re interested in applying for a job opening.  These KIVed individuals are the ones who were interested in your company, and you have a higher chance of finding a qualified candidate who fits your company’s core values.


Interviewer.AI is a technology platform purposely built to support Recruiters and HR teams in finding top quality talent for their companies. Interviewer.AI is a state-of-the-art video recruiting software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to screen in advance and shortlist the candidates that meet the criteria set. HR teams use the software to make the recruitment process more efficient and shorten the hiring cycle.  Learn more about how Interviewer.AI can help your business.


Increase your hiring team’s efficiency using a combination of resume scoring, skill assessment, and asynchronous video interviews. 


Hannah NgHannah Ng is a Junior at Boston College studying Finance and Business Analytics.  She is currently an intern at Singapore for Interviewer.AI during the summer of 2022. 

Besides work, she is also very interested in hair styling and is responsible for her family’s hairstyles as a hobby.

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