Ways to manage a hybrid workforce: Adapting new recruiting processes in 2022


Hybrid work is common today. If anyone had predicted that 2020 would forever change the workplace landscape, we wouldn’t have believed them. When the pandemic forced the world into lockdown to curb its spread, it created an era in which employees and organizations adapted to remote work to remain productive and operational. As a result, the way we work will never be the same again. 


With the world slowly opening up due to the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccines, companies are shifting into the flexible working model of hybrid work that involves working on-site and off-site with the option to switch between environments based on one’s need.


How has recruitment changed for hybrid or remote jobs?


Organizational HR functions like recruitment have also evolved to be done remotely. An  Upwork survey shows this is the right move as 22% of Americans will be working remotely by the year 2025. 


With difficulty meeting applicants physically, switching to hiring online was necessary. The current job market is gravitating towards remote employment and inadvertently giving employers access to diverse talent. Companies can now find the talent they need without geographical and time zone barriers, while employees can find jobs that support and are conducive to their work-life balance. In addition, remote employment supports the mobility of skills worldwide.


What are the skills that employers are looking for?


With the growth of remote work, hiring managers need to assess the influx of candidates for jobs. Aside from the job technical knowledge, academic qualifications and job experience, employers are also looking for soft skills like professionalism, sociability, leadership and the ability to work well in a team and a fast-paced environment. 


Employers have realized that resumes of academics and experience do not predict future performance. As a result, they look for other competencies, culture fit and a demonstrated involvement in projects in the area of expertise needed to do the job at hand. A candidate who has made an effort to understand the job role and company shows interest and signals to employers that they will be a good investment. 


Assessing the right candidates in a hybrid role


The recruitment process can be long, hectic and costly in time and money. HR managers receive multiple applicants for roles, and it’s their job to search, assess and select the best candidates based on set criteria. 

While using remote hiring has its advantages, companies face challenges like connectivity and time zone issues as well as unconscious bias.


It can be challenging to effectively screen all applicants and separate the right candidates from those that don’t meet the criteria. To resolve these problems and optimize the remote hiring process, the use of technology is all-important. 


Adapting technology for this environment for a hybrid environment 


Using and integrating technology software like Zoom & Skype (for communication) has grown exponentially, making video interviewing a suitable alternative to face-to-face interviews. Combining the video interview tools and AI (Artificial Intelligence) into an  AI-powered recruitment software is a game-changer in the hiring process. 


AI recruitment software like Interviewer.Ai is a cost-efficient solution that uses a mix of heuristics from psychology and machine learning to screen and identify top candidates based on your criteria. This software offers an unbiased assessment by observing their overall body language and expressions during video interviews by evaluating the applicants’ soft skills and competence. It then selects the best candidates the company needs to interview. 


With the workplace constantly changing, companies should use tools and technologies available to them in order to streamline business processes starting with hiring the right talent.

The time is now to switch to an intelligent hiring platform for your company to refine its hiring process.  


Interviewer.AI is a technology platform purposely built to support Recruiters and HR teams in finding top talent for their companies. Interviewer.AI is a state-of-the-art video recruiting software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to screen in advance and shortlist the candidates that meet the criteria set. HR teams use the software to make the recruitment process more efficient and shorten the hiring cycle.  Learn more about how Interviewer.AI can help your business.

Increase your hiring team’s efficiency using a combination of resume scoring, skill assessment, and asynchronous video interviews. 



Srividya Gopani is the Co-founder, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Interviewer.AI. She enjoys working on technology which is central to this role as the driver for marketing and product for Interviewer.AI. She believes that the pace of technology is fundamental to how fast businesses are changing.



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