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How is AI improving the hiring process?

AI video interview

Hiring new employees can be a lengthy and daunting process for any company or HR department. Why? Because you have to be meticulous in your search and selection process. However, you have to strike a perfect balance between being thorough and wasting time. This is because lengthy hiring processes are expensive and may cost you talented individuals. This is because the fact is, no candidate applies to one job. If you take too long to get back to them or have too many interview stages, they might opt for a company that makes an offer quickly. 


This does not mean hurry to make an offer to the first suitable candidate you meet. This is a recipe for disaster. A bad hire can cost you thousands of dollars in productivity losses, wage remuneration and benefits, training and the cost of eventually replacing them. You need to ensure that the person you hire is an excellent addition to your firm. 


Another issue to address during the hiring process is the objectivity of your hiring team. You need to ensure that during the hiring process, your team prioritizes objectivity, fairness and transparency. Unfortunately, human beings are impressionable creatures with different belief systems and cognitive biases that they pick up over time from their environment. In some cases, they are not even aware of these biases and may end up projecting them on candidates, causing your firm to miss out on some exceptional individuals. These biases may be based on religion, race, gender, sexuality and socioeconomic differences. 


The big question today is how to address these challenges in the hiring process. 


ai hiring process


One promising alternative is AI-powered video recruitment software. This software employs a mix of heuristics from I/O psychology and machine learning to identify top candidates. However, it primarily focuses on evaluating soft skills such as professionalism, sociability, leadership skills, energy levels, competence by keenly observing body language, tone and facial expressions. 


Your job is to identify the skills you are looking for in a candidate, and the recruitment software will screen the candidates and come up with a shortlist that you can then interview. 


AI recruitment software is a cost-efficient solution because, for one, it minimizes the interruption of daily office operations. In addition, you do not have to make any losses due to reduced productivity because workers are distracted by ongoing interviews.


In addition, it removes any chances of your firm missing out on a great candidate because of a lack of objectivity. With AI, you can quickly identify the top talent, make your offer, and they can get to work in a short period. 


Also, considering we are still in the middle of a pandemic, most recruiters are still trying to avoid face-to-face interviews. Leaving only interviews over video calls on Zoom or Skype. While these have become the norm, they are not without challenges, such as connectivity and interruptions from your immediate surroundings. This generally reduces the chances of an interviewer getting as much precise information as possible from a candidate or observing them. 


With AI recruitment software, these observations are easily observed and documented. 


AI is gradually revolutionizing the recruitment process and allowing employers to find ideal additions to their companies.

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