A New Guide To Improving Recruitment Outcomes Through Video Interviews



Recruiting is one of the time-consuming tasks a business can undertake. This is mainly when a job recruitment exercise attracts a lot of candidates. Identifying top candidates who, by the way, are in the market for only about 10 days because of their value might become a daunting task.


This is one reason to consider tech solutions. For instance, one option is to leverage video interviewing. But you might be wondering if the outcome of video interviewing will be great. This post guides ensuring you get the highest quality of employees through video interviewing.


Let’s see what you should do to improve recruitment outcomes. Read on!


Interviews Without An Interviewer


Interviewing has evolved over the years. And it is safe to say that the future of interviewing is already here, thanks to video interviews. The interviewer no longer needs to be present for an interview to happen. Video interviews can happen without any in-person meetings.


Recruiters are increasing hiring outcomes by using tech solutions. This starts from how they advertise vacant positions. They do it on job posting software, which anyone looking for a job can visit. This makes it easier for them to increase visibility and find the best talent.


All applications go into applicant management software. This ensures that the company manages every applicant well throughout the process. They also use recruitment tracking software to ensure every applicant has a good experience and is satisfied with the outcome.


In short, an applicant can get hired without interacting with the company physically. Every step from application to interviewing and onboarding can happen online. That’s one reason video interviewing and the software tools used in the process are becoming a lifesaver for HR teams.


Eliminating Bias From Interview Processes


One of the biggest challenges in recruiting is unconscious bias. Removing it from your recruitment process can make it easier to get the best candidates for a position. Traditional interviewing is most susceptible to bias, so you need to move away from it.


Traditional interviewing is therefore highly unreliable. This makes it critical to move away from it and ensure you are getting the best candidates for a job. You can up the standard and structure of the interview with the use of video interviews.


Unlike the traditional interviewing, video interviewing is more objective than subjective. It makes it easier for the hiring teams to evaluate candidates and make the right decisions. Also, comparing candidates is easier because the questions are pre-recorded and in the same order for every potential candidate.


The need to eliminate bias has contributed to the shift to video interviewing. You cannot get the best talent if you keep relying on a biased hiring technique. In addition to video interviewing, you must use different applicant software types to get top talent and build the best team possible.



How To Conduct Successful Video Interviews?



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Knowing the best various practices for conducting video interviews is also good. The best thing about it is that you can monitor them closely. Thus, you can know if the process is following the best practices it should. 


Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind:


  • Ensure the video questions you create are relevant to the vacant position. They should help you identify the exact behavior and skill set you need from a candidate.


  • You should develop standard scoring procedures. It will be good to make the scoring practices transparent so that candidates feel satisfied with the process.


  • Look into the language you use to ensure it is inclusive. Otherwise, some candidates might feel excluded and taint your company’s reputation.


  • Consistently provide prompt feedback through applicant management software. Also, every candidate who took their time to get interviewed deserves feedback even if they didn’t qualify.



Video interviewing should be an alternative to traditional interviewing techniques. It should be more consistent, effective, and objective. You also have a part to play in ensuring the successful video interviewing process. You can do so by implementing the tips shared above.



Why Consider Video Interviewing?


Many employers are considering video interviewing because it brings the best outcomes. Recruiters who’ve used it before are proud of the incredible talent it has helped them find. But what are some of the benefits you can get from video interviewing? Or, why should you consider it? Here are the primary reasons:


Increase Speed


As mentioned earlier, hiring is a time-consuming process. But technology can help you increase hiring speed. You can start by using job posting software to find talent. Then, conduct video interviews to find the best within a short time. Also, you can use ATS systems UK for tracking.


Ensure Efficiency


You do not always have to be present to conduct video interviews. It’s not like the face-to-face interviews that require your presence and sometimes turn out to be unproductive. You can review video interviews anytime and still handle other tasks that need your attention.


Improve Quality


You can learn a lot about a candidate through a video interview. You can learn more about their personality and skills. Some people are strong in writing but cannot present themselves verbally. Thus, video interviewing can help you pick the best fit for your company.


Those aren’t all the benefits you can get from using video interviewing. You can increase hiring outcomes by using this technique and software. It will become easier to get the desired results and build a team to help take your business to the next level.


Video Interviewing Is An Excellent Recruitment Technique


There’s no doubt that video interviewing is an excellent way of finding the best talent. You can use it alongside other smart recruitment services to get the desired results. For instance, you can start by finding talent through recruitment agency software before shortlisting the best.


Then, you can create video interviews to help identify the most qualified candidates. Also, you can use an applicant tracking system UK to manage candidates. You now know how to improve video interviewing outcomes and the various reasons to use it for recruitment of new talent.



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