9 Tips for Video Interviews

9 Tips For Video Interviews

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Nod your head in agreement if you’ve been through a number of video interviews recently.

Are video interviews the new norm?

As organizations work towards digitalisation, we will see more recruitment teams reimagining their recruitment processes. Whether video interviews will be a new norm for job seekers, however, remains a question to be pondered.

What we can do as job seekers however, is prepare ourselves to present our best selves for video interviews. Here are 9 tips for you to prepare to make the right impression from a distance:

  1. NO DISTRACTIONS Have your set up in a quiet room with a closed door. Make sure you notify your family and friends not to interrupt you during this time.
  2. KEEP IT NEUTRAL AND NEAT Check your surroundings, make sure it’s tidy and clutter-free. The smallest details matter during a first impression.
  3. HAVE PROPER LIGHTING To look your best, have natural light or a lamp aimed at your face from behind your screen. Make sure it’s not too bright though.
  4. CHECK YOUR USERNAME Sometimes, we might have usernames online that may not sound professional. Change it to your full name or something more business-like.
  5. TEST YOUR CONNECTION Download the latest version of the software that you’ll be using. Test your microphone, camera and internet connections. If you need to share your screen during the interview, make sure your system allows for that.
  6. USE A HEADSET If you have construction work going on around your block or have noisy neighbors, use a headset. It provides better sound quality and cancels out most background noise.
  7. DRESS PROPERLY Put on the exact same clothes you would wear for an in-person interview at the company. If it helps, you can wear your shoes too.
  8. PRACTICE YOUR BODY LANGUAGE Sit upright, lean slightly forward and look into the camera to make good eye contact. A lot of us are inclined to look at our own faces during a video meeting, focus on your camera instead.
  9. HAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS Have any documents you need close at hand. This includes copies of the job description, your resume and questions you might want to ask at the end of the interview. Have a paper and pen to make notes of the interview. This shows the employer your interest.

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