Top Skills to Stay Competitive in 2023


Interviewer.AI works with global customers and we have analysed data from over 3,000 companies and 3,800 interviews.  The company doesn’t only use data from specific geographies or demographics since the data would then be biased.  Instead, the data we analyzed comes from all over the world so that our insights could be helpful for any company looking to improve its competitiveness.  Compared to 2022, the top 5 skills companies look for when hiring are still the same.  They are:


  1. Communication
  2. Creative Thinking
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Analytical Skills
  5. Teamwork


However, time management, business acumen, objection handling, and closing techniques rose in ranking and are predicted to be more important in 2023 than in 2022.




Why Communication Skills are the Most Important


Both oral and written communications are necessary in the workplace.  Communication skills are essential business skills as employees need to face diverse ranges of people.  To help the company stay competitive, employees need to be able to tailor their language and oral style to suit the audience.


Listening is also an important component of communication, and hires need to also be able to listen effectively when facing their colleagues and upper management.  Their ability to listen facilitates positive interactions amongst the team, encourages them to express their opinions or ask questions comprehensibly, and is a respective move when trying to persuade others.


They also need to request information from clients as well as discuss problems with them and provide solutions.  Communicating clearly and concisely can help foster a great community of employees who help each other build up their own ability to communicate effectively.  



The Role of Creative Thinking


Creativity is important for the growth of the company.  It builds teamwork when people chime in with differing and unique ideas in their team.  Everyone in the team is continuously learning during the process of thinking up a new idea and being inspired by another person’s idea.  Companies need to value creativity in its employees so that they will feel more valued.  This is great for the attraction, retention, and loyalty of employees.


Even if some employees aren’t the most creative of people, anyone can be trained to be creative.  Perspective-shifting is a great way to train employee’s creativity — asking them to solve problems of scenarios that might not even happen.  Angus Fletcher, a professor at Ohio State University, said that “Creativity isn’t about guessing the future correctly. It’s about making yourself open to imagining radically different possibilities.  When you do that, you can respond more quickly and nimbly to the changes that do occur.”  And that is precisely what companies should train their employees to handle.



The Importance of Interpersonal Skills


People often confuse interpersonal skills with communication skills, but interpersonal skills actually encompass more than just communication skills.  Interpersonal skills also include teamwork, empathy, being supportive, and being an active listener.  A person needs a balance of all those aspects in order to have interpersonal skills that will benefit the company.  Even if a job seems to be not teamwork oriented, there will definitely be times when the employee will have human interactions, whether it be conversing with colleagues or with upper management.


Analytical Skills


Analytical thinking can be applied in every situation and doesn’t have to only relate to quantitative numbers.  It can apply to any situation as long as the employee has a deep understanding of the subject matter and has some level of confidence in it.  This skill lets employees analyze the situation and allows them to decide on the correct course of action.  Analytical skills are necessary for any industry and position and it’s important to help your employees grow in this skillset.  With better analytical skills, employees will do a better job at developing solutions and meeting company goals.


Teamwork As the Glue


No matter how developed an employee’s other skills are, if they cannot apply these skills in a team, they do not make effective employees.  There is rarely a job where a person has absolutely no interaction with any person — even a colleague or a mentor.  Problems may come up that require him to consult with another person; teamwork is a key factor that helps strengthen the other skills and makes the employee a better worker.


Interviewer.AI is a technology platform purposely built to support Recruiters and HR teams in finding top talent for their companies. Interviewer.AI is a state-of-the-art video recruiting software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to screen in advance and shortlist the candidates that meet the criteria set. HR teams use the software to make the recruitment process more efficient and shorten the hiring cycle.  Learn more about how Interviewer.AI can help your business.


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Hannah NgHannah Ng is from Boston College studying Finance and Business Analytics.  She is currently an intern for Interviewer.AI.

Besides work, she is also very interested in hair styling and is responsible for her family’s hairstyles as a hobby.




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