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Tomorrow’s High Performers

Hiring High Performers

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Employers, this one’s for you.

It’s time to move away from traditional hiring methods. Start looking for ability over credentials. Start identifying tomorrow’s high performers

Here are 3 ideas to take forward:

  • Expand your SearchLook for talent in different places rather than the usual, same places i.e., Local Universities, Prestigious Organizations, etc.You’re going to get the same results you always have. It is important to believe that no one type of person holds a monopoly on talent.
  • Hire for PerformanceJust as teams have tryouts and plays have auditions, candidates should be asked to demonstrate their skills before they are hired.Work samples are one of the best predictors of the success on the job. If you’re hiring a marketing manager, have them plan a launch campaign for a new product.
  • Get the Bigger PictureRecruiters are quick to label a candidate a job-hopper based on a single short stint on their resume.Until we get a holistic view of someone, our judgment of them will always be flawed.

Let’s stop equating experience with ability and credentials with competence. Let’s stop settling for the same and familiar choice and leave the door open for someone who could be even better.

We need employers to let go of outdated hiring practices and embrace new ways of identifying and cultivating talent.

We could live in a world where people are seen for what they are truly capable of and have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

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