Stop Thinking AI vs. Humans, Start Thinking AI with Humans

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It’s a fact, a lot of emotions go into hiring. Managers might think of themselves as rational, but they often make their hiring decisions based on feelings rather than facts (Miller & Rosenbaum, 1997).

Is AI the better option?

When you think of AI doing the hiring, you think of a completely automated process with no human input. And therefore, worry that you might miss out on “diamonds in the rough”. However, much of the data used by AI systems are in fact deployed on human input!

What you want is the perfect blend of the two.

At Interviewer.AI, we are all about recruiting digital DNA; which helps hiring managers be data-informed (not data-driven!) when they make their hiring decisions.

Data-driven: You let the data guide your decision-making process.

Data-informed: You let data act as a check on your intuition.

There is a strong argument for unfair hiring practices when conscious and unconscious biases come into effect during face-to-face interactions (Powell et. al., 2012). WE AVOID THAT. Interviewer.AI helps hiring managers shortlist top-quality candidates based on their resumes, their hard and soft skills without letting human biases and gut instincts influence screening candidates out.

We’re not saying human interaction should completely be removed from the hiring process! We acknowledge the fact that the final decision should be made by assessing role-fit, team-fit and company-fit. This is where connection matters, this is where the experience of hiring managers matters.

At Interviewer.AI, we ultimately let hiring managers have the final say. We just do the hard work of helping companies cast a broader net, all while reducing bias and ensuring fair hiring practices.

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