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remote interviewing


Remote interviewing is a new way of conducting interviews. It is a technology-driven process that allows for interviews to be conducted over the internet. This method has several benefits, such as time and cost savings. Additionally, remote interviewing can provide a more holistic view of the candidate and can lead to better hiring decisions. It is coming to feature into the top trends in HR and especially in the talent acquisition space.  


This is a growing industry that allows businesses to interview job candidates from anywhere in the world. With technology becoming more and more accessible, this type of interviewing is becoming more popular for businesses. There are many benefits to conducting remote interviews, such as being able to interview multiple candidates at once, saving time, and reducing travel costs.


Remote interviewing is becoming more and more popular as technology advances. It allows for a more comfortable and efficient interview process, which can help to reduce stress on both the interviewer and interviewee. Additionally, remote interviewing can be used in cases where an interviewee is not available to meet in person.


Benefits of remote interviewing


There are many reasons for this increase, but one of the biggest benefits is that it saves time. 


This is because you can conduct interviews with candidates from anywhere in the world. This means you have access to a larger pool of talent, which can be especially helpful if you’re looking for someone with specific skills or experience.


  1. According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, the use of remote interviews is on the rise, with 62% of organizations using or planning to use remote interviews as part of their talent acquisition process. There are many benefits to using remote interviews, from access to a larger pool of talent to improved candidate experience.


  1. By using technology, such as video conferencing, organizations can interview candidates who are located anywhere in the world. This expands the pool of potential candidates and allows organizations to find the best possible fit for their open positions.


  1. Remote interviews also improve the candidate experience. Candidates can participate in interviews from the comfort of their own home, which eliminates the need for them to travel and take time off work. This makes the interview process more convenient for candidates and can improve their overall impression of the organization.


Training your talent acquisition teams for remote interviewing


The goal of any talent acquisition team is to improve the candidate experience while finding the best possible candidates for the organization. However, this can be difficult to do without proper training and structure, especially while adopting remote interviewing. 


One way to improve the effectiveness of your talent acquisition team is to provide better training for your HR staff. This training should include how to conduct structured interviews, how to assess candidates, and how to evaluate their qualifications while looking at a mix of remote and hybrid roles. It’s also important to provide training on the company’s values and culture, so that HR staff can better understand what the organization is looking for in its candidates. 


In such cases, talent acquisition teams and the business teams themselves might be located remotely and how can you still make the hiring process seamless. Making this efficient from the hiring manager’s perspective and also for the candidates, is a big step and a role for the talent acquisition teams. 


In addition, it’s important to have a well-structured interview process. This means that all interviewers are asking the same questions and using the same scoring system. 


Hiring globally with remote interviewing 


remote interviewing


There are a number of reasons to utilize remote interviews when expanding a company across regions. It can be difficult to find the right talent in other countries, and by conducting remote interviews, companies can cast a wider net and find the best candidates for the job. Additionally, conducting remote interviews is an efficient way to assess candidates without having to travel abroad. Technology is enabling this to happen now. 



This helps to reduce any potential bias that might be present during an in-person interview. Finally, using remote interviews allows companies to hire employees from all over the globe. This can help businesses tap into new markets and grow their company’s reach.




It is evident that remote interviewing is growing in popularity and HR departments are changing to accommodate this trend. Companies that want to stay ahead of the curve need to evolve their talent acquisition strategies as well. One way to do this is by using remote interviewing tools to find the best candidates for the job.



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Srividya Gopani is the Co-founder, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Interviewer.AI. She enjoys working on technology which is central to this role as the driver for marketing and product for Interviewer.AI. She believes that the pace of technology is fundamental to how fast businesses are changing.




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