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We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course of business plans and budgets. This article shares a way for you to recruit top quality on a tiny budget! Recruiting has become less about flashy ads, and more about appealing to the right audience with the right messaging.

Here are the top 4 low cost recruiting methods:


#1: Make An Eye-Catching Job Posting

A Glassdoor study shows that the top 5 things people care about when researching a company and open job positions are:

  • Salaries (67%)
  • Benefits (63%)
  • Location (59%)
  • Commute time (43%)
  • Employee reviews (32%).

These are the things you need to consider when creating a job post. So while you’re trying to promote your open positions, think about the message you are promoting through them.


#2: Go To Job Fairs

Job fairs are an impactful way to communicate with people who are actively looking for a position. Get into the virtual job fair scene. Research on the virtual job fairs that are ongoing. If you’re looking at hiring fresh graduates, look into virtual job fairs hosted by universities near you. Moreover, if you’re hiring for a Marketing role, the college of communications and the business school would be an effective way to find qualified candidates. This is also a cost-effective approach, with most booths costing around $50-$250.

#3: Ask Your Employees To Refer People

According to Glassdoor, 45% of people have found their job from a friend referral. Employee referral programs are great opportunities to get like-minded people at your company! This way you hire top quality talent while reducing your cost per hire.

#4: Update Social Media Platforms

With all the great things that you and your business are doing, having a presence on social media is extremely important now more than ever. It helps candidates get to know who the employees are, what the company stands for, the company’s work culture.

People seem to gravitate more towards companies that are appreciative of their employees, and have a strong social media presence. According to a study on Resume Lab, after someone receives a job offer, 37% said they will move on to another job offer if they can’t find enough information on the company online!

Social media is a free tool that is a big part of people’s job search, so make sure to start your business platform (or revamp the one you already have).

With that, I hope you see that referrals, job fairs, social media recruiting and organized job postings are all ways that people will gravitate towards your company. Soon enough, you’ll be able to attract committed, loyal employees to add to your work family, cost-effectively.

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