Evolving Nature of Remote Hiring in a Post-Pandemic World

Remote hiring is no longer a buzzword. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about dramatic changes to the global economy. Tens of millions of people around the world lost their jobs and companies were forced to adapt to stay alive. Now, as the world recovers and as companies continue to adjust to current economic and logistical conditions, hiring is something that many companies are trying to improve. 


Much of the hiring process is now being done online for many businesses. This makes sense considering the fact that 7 out of 10 U.S. white-collar workers are still working remotely. Many businesses are attempting to do as much of the hiring process remotely as possible in order to optimize efficiency and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by having interviewees come into the office. 


Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that companies are encountering with remote hiring including: 

  • Connectivity issues 
  • Distracted interviewees 
  • Time zone issues 
  • Unqualified candidates 

Dealing with all of these issues can cause companies to waste precious time and financial resources. 


The Solution to Remote Hiring Issues 

In order for a company to optimize its remote hiring process, it needs to be able to screen candidates effectively in order to prioritize all of the good candidates while avoiding all of the sub-par candidates. 


Interviewer.AI is an all-in-one recruitment software that was designed to help companies do exactly this. Interviewer.AI is an AI-powered video recruitment software that allows candidates to answer specific questions on recorded videos so that the software can analyze key success factors in their video clips. These success factors include sociability, professionalism, energy levels, communication skills, and more. 


Essentially, Interviewer.AI does the tedious work of sorting through mountains of candidates so that your company’s HR professionals do not have to. This saves a tremendous amount of money, time, and stress. It also allows your company’s HR professionals to focus only on the best candidates. 


How Does Interviewer.AI Work? 

The process of using Interviewer.AI is extremely simple. All that you have to do is post a job. Then, Interviewer.AI uses its advanced AI technology to perform the initial screening. Considering the fact that the average corporate job posting gets 250 applications, allowing Interviewer.AI to perform the initial screening can take a tremendous burden off of your HR professional’s shoulders. 


Once Interviewer.AI completes the initial screening, it will have selected the top candidates for you. Then, your HR professionals can use all of the data that Interviewer.AI provided to choose which candidates they would like to actually interview themselves. 


Is it Time for Your Company to Change its Hiring Practices? 

Due to the constantly changing nature of the global economy right now, it is crucial for companies to take advantage of anything that can help them to operate more efficiently. Interview.AI is one tool that can bring a tremendous amount of improvement to hiring efficiency levels for a wide variety of businesses. If your company is ready to improve its hiring process, then it should strongly consider getting started with Interviewer.AI today.

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