How Can Contact Centers Use Visual IVR to Enhance the Customer Experience?

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It’s a frustrating experience when a client calls a company’s customer support number, and navigates through endless prompts, only to hear, “Sorry, could you repeat that,” at the end. Isn’t it? 



These incidents irritate an already irritated customer. And it will eventually destroy your company’s image. Isn’t that so?



Fortunately, there’s an innovative solution that contact centers can leverage to substantially improve the customer experience. Interested in learning more? Then read the post till the end and get familiar with this latest technology.




Introduction to Visual IVR



As the name suggests, a visual IVR, or visual interactive voice response, is a system that adds a visual interface to the traditional IVR setup.



That means instead of calling and going through a long list of automated questions and answers, a customer can use their mobile device and access the company’s website to contact the customer support number. On the website, the customer will find the same questions as in the company’s regular IVR.



Here’s the exciting part: Visual IVR allows your customers to respond to queries at their own pace. And there is no pressure of time out. So let them answer at their convenience. Also, IVR will transfer their details to your agent with their queries so they don’t have to repeat themselves.



The visual interface uses various channels, such as mobile and other internet-supported devices. It helps in navigation and the collection of data from different clients. Visual IVR eliminates many time-consuming features that a regular IVR can create. Hence, it makes a more pleasant client experience.




contact center




Types of Visual IVR



Usually, you’ll find two types of Visual IVR:



  • On-Premise


The on-Premise IVR system is placed on the server of your organization. It is pretty expensive. However, the On-Premise system will give you more flexibility and customization.



  • Cloud-Based


The cloud-based Visual IVR solution is hosted by a third party. It is less expensive as compared to the On-Premises system. Cloud-based systems are easy to set up and are used by many organizations.



Reasons Why You Should Consider Visual IVR


Self-service plays a crucial role in helping customers quickly find information. IVR is the primary tool that facilitates this process. It uses touch-tone or speech recognition technology to identify and direct customers to the most skilled agents. 


Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider using it in your organization for delivering an effortless self-service experience.



1. Enhance Experience via Advanced Features


Visual IVR offers a variety of solutions to enhance the self-service experience. For instance, it will enable your customers to navigate via visual menus and contact your agents quickly. Additionally, text-to-speech in various languages is available for both the inbound and outbound sides of a conversation, making it more user-friendly.



2. Save Time


Your customers might have lost patience when they were forced to read long menus in the past. But not anymore because using a self-service IVR solution will allow them to skip the options they don’t need. Also, directing the call to skilled agents will ensure your customer receives appropriate answers every time.



3. Improving Mobile Customer Experience


Without a doubt, Smartphones are growing fast. As of 2022, around 92% of Americans use mobile phones. Therefore, it is essential to offer services customized for mobile users. And this digital IVR will be an ideal option for your customers on the go. It will help your customer to reach out for support even when they are in-store.



4. Enables Agents to Work to Their Full Potential


The latest IVR technology will improve the service experience for both customers and agents. When your customers will be directed to the potential agent, it will allow agents to handle situations quickly and serve as many customers as required. And this will improve your organization’s productivity.



5. Reduce Call Center Calls


It is a fact that the moment you use the latest technology, it will reduce call center costs. When a Visual IVR system is present, customers will make fewer calls. And this will lead agents to spend less time on the expensive voice channel.




Importance of Visual IVR in the Contact Center



After reading the reasons mentioned above, you must be convinced to consider using Visual IVR in your organization. Isn’t that so? Well, if you’re still not convinced, here are some points that will show you the importance of Visual IVR in the contact center for your organization.


  • Before, call centers depended on operators to manually arrange and connect incoming calls. However, now visual IVR will allow customers to navigate a call-handling system.
  • It replaces the regular switchboard operator with a single point of contact for every customer’s call.
  • Through user interactions, the IVR self-service can automatically help, guide, and divert the conversation.
  • Customers will be directed to the exact department via the IVR by navigating through several menus and alternatives.
  • Last but not least, when a customer speaks with a human voice, it will be someone more qualified to answer their concerns.


Advantages of Using Visual IVR in Contact Center



The advantages of visual IVR go beyond simply reducing customers’ frustration. And listed below are a few benefits that will prove to you that IVR customer service can do more than you think.



  • When a customer attempts to contact you for the first time to discuss their problem, this is where visual IVR comes into the picture. Hence, when you make the process easy, it will help in creating a secure and professional image.
  • Because of visual interactive voice response metrics of contact centers like average handling time, response time, and first-call resolution rates have improved.
  • IVR offers a self-service setting that not only guides the customer along the correct path but also allows them to feel they have actively contributed to the solution of their problem.
  • When you compare telephone-based customer service, which might cost you up to $12 per contact, IVR will generally cost $1 per contact.



IVR Tips for Better Customer Experience



Here are some tips you can use IVR to upgrade your customer experience.


  • Offer them a chance to speak with an actual person
  • Make an easy-to-understand IVR menu
  • Whenever an option changes, update your IVR menu
  • Set up your team for success
  • Remember to check your IVR system regularly
  • Check the performance of your system



Wrapping Up



Optimal service delivery is achieved when both staff and customers are equipped with the right tools for success. And when you have technology like visual IVR, who can stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur? Your brand will make every service interaction a breeze and give your employees the best support.


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