Asynch Video Interviewing is Also Environment-Friendly



According to NASA, since even before the industrial period, human activities from primarily fossil fuel burning, have “increased Earth’s global average temperature by about 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit).  The fossil fuels that are burned emit greenhouse gasses, which covers the earth’s atmosphere and traps heat and harmful substances.  This trapping of heat not only leads to the increased extreme temperatures we feel during winters and summers, but also disrupts ecosystems and diversities of life in habitats around the world.  The climb in global average temperature of about 1 degree Celsius might not seem like a large increase in global temperature, but it has caused an escalating amount of severe storms and droughts in areas with already scarce water resources.



Governments around the world are now focused on this issue and are trying to mitigate this issue.  From the first signage of the Paris agreement in 2016, the countries that have signed the agreement have increased from 175 to 193.  That’s almost the whole world!  From this, you can see how important the world is now viewing humans’ impact on the environment.



Even the business sector is now being more conscientious about their carbon footprint.  From conglomerates like Disney to software giants like Microsoft, many companies now offer careers in environmental sustainability.  One solution that many businesses now offer is the digital transformation of their HR practices.  This solution is a great way to balance the challenges of a growing business as well as the challenges of keeping up with their carbon goals.




Think of the differences in hiring practices that would occur when your company switches from the traditional way of recruiting to the innovative digitalization of your HR practices.  With software companies like Interviewer.AI who transform the HR scene, companies will be able to sift through resumes, conduct skills tests, and shortlist candidate interviews all online.  This eliminates the need for physical files on candidates that HR would have to go through.




Without these physical files full of paper, companies will be able to decrease their use of wood and thus decrease deforestation.  This will help prevent the further deterioration of the environment.  According to Formstack, “70% of the total waste in offices is made up of paper…[and] it’s been estimated that 45% of paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day.”  Using transformative technology helps reduce paper waste and prevent deforestation, thus having a better effect on the environment.



When debating on whether to accept your company’s job offer or a different company’s job offer, they will consider all aspects of the company.  One such important aspect is environmental sustainability.  In recent years, the call for businesses to limit their carbon footprint has grown and this issue is on the forefront of many job seekers’ minds.  If your company makes an effort to show your commitment to the environment, they will take notice and will consider your company over others.



Even if you disregard the whole environment factor, there must be a reason why a growing number of companies have switched their hiring practices to include a virtual flow.  One of the top reasons why asynchronous video interviews are useful for employers is because it allows flexibility—whether that flexibility is geographical locations or different time zones, asynchronous video communication can solve all these problems.



Another major reason why companies like to use AI software interviewing companies like Interviewer.AI is because of its ability to increase the HR group’s efficiency.  Instead of spending long hours shortlisting candidates by hand, Interviewer.AI uses artificial intelligence to screen candidates and help you sift out a pool of talented candidates.  The AI goes through each candidate’s resume and matches the words within the resume to the job description to see their fit.  Then, candidates are invited to take an AVI and are ranked based on a score.  This ranking is completely transparent, and hiring managers can see exactly how and why candidates are ranked the way they are.  In this way, hiring managers can spend their time focusing on the candidates at the top of the rankings.  This is a great way to ensure that all candidates are considered and that their applications aren’t lost.



Interviewer.AI is a technology platform purposely built to support Recruiters and HR teams in finding top talent for their companies. Interviewer.AI is a state-of-the-art video recruiting software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to screen in advance and shortlist the candidates that meet the criteria set. HR teams use the software to make the recruitment process more efficient and shorten the hiring cycle.  Learn more about how Interviewer.AI can help your business.


Increase your hiring team’s efficiency using a combination of resume scoring, skill assessment, and asynchronous video interviews. 




Hannah NgHannah Ng is a Junior at Boston College studying Finance and Business Analytics.  She is currently an intern at Singapore for Interviewer.AI during the summer of 2022. 

Besides work, she is also very interested in hair styling and is responsible for her family’s hairstyles as a hobby.



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