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Covid-19 is a virus that has left no group of people untouched. All of us have felt the ramifications of the coronavirus, and have adapted to living alongside it. Part of this adjustment is moving away from face-to-face interaction in exchange to virtual interaction, this transition including job seeking. Now, it is common for people to be screened, interviewed, and hired for a job completely online.


Thus the video assessment industry, and subsequently the use of AI technology to choose a candidate, is growing rapidly. Let’s take a closer look at how video assessment eliminates job interview discrimination.


Fairness of AI analysis software 


When hiring for a job, there are many chances that hiring managers can let their own personal biases interfere with this process. This could be providing candidates with different questions, or even not giving a candidate an opportunity to interview simply because they have an ethnic-sounding name. These instances have happened time and again, and continue to happen regardless of how many anti-discrimination acts are put into place. 


However, AI video assessment offers a solution to this problem by setting a standardized interviewing process for each applicant. This ensures that the candidate gets the same interview questions, in the same order, and the same amount of time for preparation, establishing a similar interview experience for each candidate. 


This is important because even the slightest difference in interviews can create space for a hiring manager’s implicit bias to surface. By keeping every variable in an interview as similar as possible, we move closer to hiring in transparent fairness. 


Naturally, AI software would be the perfect solution to reach this goal. It filters through candidates and chooses those who are objectively the best fit for the role. It doesn’t factor in skin color or social background, so in this way it is different from a human hiring manager, who can unconsciously let their own biases cloud their judgment in choosing the best fit candidate.



AI software that helps the process, but understand it well



video assessment

While the software itself cannot hold any bias, those programming the software can, and through them those biases can affect the hiring process, creating unfair circumstances yet again.

Meaning that eliminating bias is not as simple as just using a robot to hire candidates for us, we have to continue pushing for fairer hiring practices through both AI and human mediums.  

By training talent acquisition teams on how to use AI-powered tools, we can help them remove their own personal biases from the equation. And because AI doesn’t get tired or emotional, it can serve as an invaluable aid in the hiring process, making sure that only the most qualified candidates are being considered for positions.

Of course, AI is not a perfect solution. It’s important to remember that AI is only as good as the data it’s given, and so any biases that exist in those data sets will be reflected in the results.





In conclusion, AI for hiring is a tool removing bias. It is meant to improve process and not replace the role of the existing teams. The tool can be used by organizations of all sizes to identify the most qualified candidates without regard to personal characteristics that might otherwise lead to discrimination. AI for hiring is an important step forward in ensuring a level playing field for all job seekers.



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video assessment

Whitney Nwaneri is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin studying Psychology, with an interest in the HR industry. She is currently interning in Singapore for Interviewer.AI during the summer of 2022. Besides work, she is very interested in reading elevated fantasy novels, trying out new recipes, and learning about other cultures.



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