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How to Identify the Top Sales People in Your Applicant Pool

Interviewer.AI’s cutting edge sales assessment test ranks the candidates for your sales opening based on their fit for the role. You won’t even have to read a resume.

Our platform uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and supervised machine learning to highlight the top candidates that apply to your sales vacancy.

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Cost Effective

Save thousands of dollars in recruitment costs

Time Efficient

Invest precious time in most relevant candidates

Quality Hires

Surface quality candidates, build a strong talent pool

Online Sales Assessment Test

As a sales and marketing recruiter, it is important to have a better vision of how new sales candidates will fit in your team.


Our sales assessment test uses the latest advances in AI to identify the top performers in your applicant pool. Our sales assessment skills tests will accurately measure candidate’s sales aptitude with a comprehensive report about strengths and weaknesses. Our sales hiring test will sort the best salespeople from the rest, with our advanced artificial intelligence technology to save hiring cost and time.

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Nikola Nowak

Lead Recruiter, Tutlo, Poland

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This is a huge time-saver as plain CRM is not enough nowadays – especially with a large number of applications, where it is not possible to talk to each person individually and we all know each person is much more than just a CV. I believe it’s a great tool for every company!

Kumaresan T

Ops Manager, Hydroleap, Singapore

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Interviewer.AI is easy to use and intuitive, tapping on the strength of data analytics to reduce the strain of time and effort on HR professionals. I would definitely recommend it to both start-ups and SMEs.


HR, Digital Dandy, Australia

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I used to spend endless hours interviewing potential candidates, only to be forced to settle on a candidate because of interview fatigue. Interviewer AI changed that. I was able to interview dozens and dozens of candidates, all by lifting a finger. I was able to find some amazing candidates using this software.

James Lemon

CEO, The Growth Works, UK

The Growth Works

Trust me, 3 minutes of interviewing is better than 30!

Yang Fan

Assistant Director, NTU, Singapore

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Interviewer.AI has helped provide on demand interview coaching for our students.

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Fiona L. & Sasha Z.

InsightPro, Canada

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Interviewer.AI is leading the disruptive innovation in the Education and HR industries!

6 Reasons you need to upgrade your Application Tracking System (ATS)


Make the world more inclusive

Our AI models are trained to be blind towards age, genders, ethnicity for a fair and objective assessment approach. Our model training datasets are global and purposefully curated to avoid any undesirable historical biases in hiring. Your recruitment team can rely purely on merit to shortlist candidates based on their hard skills that fit the job description, soft skills, and value fit.


Automate resume scoring

Why go through tedious, repeatable, and time-consuming tasks like screening resumes when you have better things to do? With Interviewer.AI, know instantly how the resume matches to the overall job, skills, academic qualifications, and experience for 10s and 100s of applicants in seconds, and stackrank by different weightage.


Assess core skills required to do the job

A resume summarizes a candidate’s skills and work experience. Each applicant’s resume is different. How do you stackrank 100s of applicants basis the skills required for the job? On Interviewer.AI, you have the option of adding a WorkMap (Skills) Assessment, a likert scale questionnaire to test candidates on 5-6 core skills required for the job. If you are familiar with the traditional psychometric or personality tests, you will understand what we mean here.


PreScreen candidates using recorded video responses

One-way or asynchronous video interviews are online interviews where there is no human interviewer at the other end. Candidates record video responses to structured interview questions at their convenience, so that you get a short trailer to the movie that the candidate is, before investing your personal time! Think about all the Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet/Skype job interviews you conducted! You can drastically bring down the number of job interviews you take, by using this software to assess and stackrank candidates based on core soft skills that are measured during an interview, saving you a ton of time to get real work done.
Interviewer.AI Interface


AI Video interview assessment

Scientific research has pointed out that when it comes to a face-to-face interview, you are assessing candidates on ‘likeability’ factor. This includes a combination of appropriate eye contact, great body language, confidence, enthusiasm, dressing sense, etc. Now you could do 5-10 even 30 interviews but can you do 100, 200, 500? Interviewer.AI can do this at scale. Our AI video interview algorithm will back your gut instinct and intuition with reliable data measuring soft skills such as sociability, professionalism, communication skills, and positive attitude, traits that you would naturally look out for in face-to-face interviews to help you make better hiring decisions.


Shortlist top talent and schedule with ease for an in-person interview

A résumé doesn’t provide holistic picture of the candidate’s hard and soft skills, experience, personality traits. Share digital profiles of your shortlisted candidates with peers and team members to get instant feedback before you invest your time on in-person interviews. Easily schedule and send invites for face-to-face interviews using within the platform via your choice of video conference tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, or

Our Explainable AI Approach

At Interviewer.AI, we build Explainable AI[1] to help teams identify desirable talents in their talent acquisition processes. Having an Explainable AI framework allows us to provide insights on the key performance factors of candidates and minimize the risk of prejudice judgements that may arise from black-box AI approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a personal email ID to Sign up on Interviewer.AI?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept sign-ups with personal email ID;
Let us tell you why?
Our platform is for business use and not for personal use. Hence there is a restriction on social email addresses. Every interview on our platform is linked to a company that applicants are going to potentially work for. Data sharing on Gmail or other social email can be a challenge. The platform has to remain GDPR and PDPA compliant and this is one step to it.

How can I reach out to my target candidates using Interviewer.AI?

Simply create a new job on Interviewer.AI, generate a structured questionnaire for key skills you are looking for in candidates such as growth mindset, adaptability, time management.
Copy the shareable link for the job and share it as a LinkedIn status update. You can also embed the Interviewer.AI job link to the 'Apply now' button to the Job Description on your company career page.

How does act as a hiring assistant?

Interviewer.AI acts as a hiring assistant by helping you shortlist top quality candidates from 100s of applicants. No more sifting through resumes or countless traditional interviews before you meet your desired hire.
Simply create a job and Interviewer.AI will do the following:

Collect all applicants on a single dashboard.
Resume Scoring, WorkMap(Skill) Assessment and a short structured video interview for skills such as teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking, etc. without the need for the human interviewer to be present.
It then sorts candidates according to their scores for your review. E.g. Soft Skills, Professionalism, Sociability, Communication, Energy levels along with a detailed AI score for each candidate for the said soft skills.
Now you can easily shortlist 3-5 candidates, share within your team to decide which candidates you invite for a face-to-face interview.

I am using my business credit card. Will I receive an invoice?

Yes you will receive an invoice for your records. We do not charge your credit card for the first 14 days to give users time to conduct trial runs using our product. After the two weeks are over, the pricing plan you chose initially will kick in.

For what roles should I use Interviewer.AI?

Interviewer.AI assesses candidates for soft skills such as communication skills, friendliness, and energy levels which are ideal for customer-facing roles. But these are also key skills to thrive in any working environment, so you can choose to interview candidates for all roles.

How is it different from other video interviewing platforms such as Hirevue and Sonru?

While both platforms have video assessment platforms, Interviewer.AI takes an extra step by using additional features such as voice analytics 🗣 as a way of assessing candidate’s energy levels, and uses computer vision to assess positive emotions.

Do I have to think of interview questions on my own? Won’t that take too long?

Not necessarily. We try to save as much time as possible for all our users! ⏰ Interviewer.AI recommends scientifically-proven structured interview techniques as a predictor of future job performance💡.

Can I create my own questions?

We have created templates for different roles but you are free to create your own interview under ‘new custom job’. You can create your own and adjust the time limit for each question.

What is the time limit for one interview?

We recommend an interview should be 5-10 minutes long. But there is actually no time limit. You are free to create an interview with as many questions as possible. You also have the freedom to adjust 'response time' for each question as much or less as you’d like!

How do I integrate Interviewer.AI with my jobs page?

Simply sign up, create an interview, copy the 'shareable interview link' and add it to the 'apply now' button of your job description page. View Demo

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the one-time sign up form (tip: you’ll need the company logo☝) and you are ready to start creating interviews! From here, you can make custom interviews or use the templates that we have available.

How do I create an interview?

Once you have logged in, you are brought to the dashboard, where you can select your plan and start creating interviews with ready-made templates or questions of your own. Click on this demo for more information 👀. View Demo.📹

Can the interviews be automatically shared with candidates after I have set it up? I don’t have the time to send individual interviews as people apply.

Yes they can. After you create an interview, you get access to a shareable link which you can send out to your applicants in one sitting.

How will applicants know whether they were successfully chosen to be shortlisted?

After Interviewer.AI has analysed video interviews, companies can choose to email shortlisted candidates to invite them for an interview. They also have a choice to send rejection emails once they have completed the process.

How long does it take for video interviews to be assessed by AI?

Depending on the number of video interviews being assessed, Interviewer.AI will take about 15-30 minutes to complete the assessment and reflect the results on the dashboard.

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