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Myths about AI Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence has gotten a lot of attention in today’s working world, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of AI in talent recruitment has become the new normal, but it has elicited misunderstandings on its use and the impact on society. If you are a hiring manager, you know the myths that revolve around AI recruiting prevents businesses from adopting AI tools that improve HR performance and productivity.


Truth be told, implementing AI in your business’s recruitment process will reduce your time to hire, free HR managers to focus on tasks only they can perform, reduce cost-per-hire, and ensure the process is bias free. As you can see, AI recruiting can significantly improve your HR department’s efficiency and bring company-wide benefits.


Myth #1: AI will replace HR managers

This is by far the most common concern HR managers face but is simply not true. AI it’s a way to enhance productivity by automating high-volume tasks such as sourcing, screening, and scheduling interviews. AI tools are meant to be used alongside human workers to reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks, not to replace them.


Myth #2: AI will make recruiting obsolete

From beginning to end, human intelligence and input is constantly needed to ensure the desired outcome in the recruitment process. People have the constant fear that by implementing AI tools workers will start losing their jobs and make diverse industries obsolete. AI should be seen as a tool made to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the recruitment process rather than a threat to your job.


Myth #3: AI recruitment tools are too difficult to use

Recruitment tools powered by AI like Interviewer.AI ensure that their platform is user friendly and ready to provide the best candidate experience. Developers have considered your pain points and take them into consideration to create an optimal tool that simplifies your work.


Myth #4: Implementing AI is expensive

Good news, if you are an HR manager looking to implement AI in your organization there are several recruitment platforms that can be tailored to your company’s needs and only pay for the services you require.


Instead of thinking of AI tools as a threat to your job, think of it as an investment or rather working partner that will share your responsibilities helping you to become efficient and prolific while ensuring the outperformance of your company

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