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As we approach the end of 2021, our second year battling the novel coronavirus, we agree that the workplace culture, hiring process and professional world have all changed drastically. 

Corporations, managers, and employees have all had to adjust according to the government-mandated restrictions and numerous lockdowns to maintain high productivity levels and salvage their revenues that were hit by the pandemic, which caught organizations grossly unprepared.


Although these adjustments, such as remote working, were supposed to be temporary, employees and managers and recruiters have realized that they are perhaps more practical and cost-effective than the traditional cultures and ways of working. 


For starters, hiring conventions, job fairs will become a thing of the past. With the pandemic only getting more dangerous, people are not eager to attend large events for fear of infection. 



The most significant trend continues to be remote working. In 2020, companies had to temporarily allow their employees to work from home to combat the spread of the deadly COVID-19. As much as this was a temporary solution, employees have realized that they are as, if not more productive when they work remotely. They argue that as long as work is submitted in time and of high quality, is a 9-5 necessary? As a result, more job candidates will want the option to work remotely. A recent study found that 99% of employees hope to keep on working remotely for the rest of their careers.


An emerging trend is the use of online communication and recruitment software. Because recruiters cannot have in-person interviews, they have resorted to video conferencing methods like Skype and Zoom. This trend does not seem to be going anywhere as it has become the preferred method of holding meetings, conferences and Ted talks.


When it comes to recruitment tools, employers are now outsourcing the hiring process to AI-powered recruitment software specializing in testing job applicants for soft skills such as professionalism, communication skills, teamwork capabilities. These video recruitment software companies have become crucial to the hiring process. With the imposition of lockdowns and employee turnover rates at an all-time high, companies will continue to search for new talent quickly


Internal recruitment is also predicted to take center stage. As companies seek to cut costs as much as possible, they will hire from within the workplace. In addition, hiring from within quickens the hiring process because less time is spent on interviews, confirming details on resumes, calling referees, and training new hires. 


In addition to the above, firms will be focusing on employee retention because of the enormous costs of employee turnovers, such as project and service delays, productivity losses, and replacement recruitment and onboarding. How? Through establishing and maintaining a conducive and healthy workplace culture. This can be done by ensuring inclusivity across all fronts. 


Another trend closely related to workplace culture is employee benefits and compensation. Hiring trends predict that as the pandemic has highlighted a broken medical system, employees are now looking at a company’s compensation benefits for health insurance, including physical and mental health. With employees having the upper hand in the workplace, companies have to adjust their policies and compensation packages. 


As you can see, the workplace is quickly changing, and employers seeking to hire the best talent must keep up with emerging trends.

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