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During the pandemic, the whole recruitment world shifted due to the labor shortage and decreasing quality of skills-sets among candidates. We believe that improving recruitment processes plays a crucial part in meeting the world’s expectations, especially when hiring managers are facing more obstacles than ever to finding suitable employees or super-hires (the crème de la crème of talent) from a global pool of applicants.


Whether we like it or not, we’re living in a digitized future right now. Every day, we’re experiencing what seems like a scenario taken right out of a sci-fi comic book two decades ago. Yet, here we are, steering the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and seeing its influence in our everyday life.


There’s no doubt that the most important thing for employers is to overcome those issues while ensuring their company’s continuous growth. How can they do that? Let’s dive deeper into how AI-powered hiring platforms can drastically improve the recruitment process.


The Art Behind Technology

When dealing with state-of-the-art recruitment technology, some might have doubts about the benefits it brings and what truly lies beneath all the scientific jargon it’s associated with. Considering the trust issues regarding AI technology paired with the staff and skills shortage reported by CNBC and Deloitte, employers face the dilemma of what direction to take to ensure the best future for their company. Here’s where a smart video recruitment platform steps in.


At Interviewer.AI, we offer an all-in-one recruitment software that will allow you to seek out the best matched applicants looking for great job opportunities. The platform is responsible for screening your applicants’ resumes, scoring their skill-sets, enabling easy assessment tests, and analyzing video interviews. 


This smart-hiring system provides data-driven insights about applicants’ sociability, professionalism, energy levels, and communication skills to help you save valuable time and invest in more pressing issues. Simply put, it makes pre-screening an effortless, enjoyable, completely tech-driven process for you to decide which candidate to proceed with.


You should always look for a technology-driven solution that saves time and resources by steering you towards effortless super-hires that will optimize your recruitment processes.


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The Value Of Diverse Communication In Hiring Processes 

Any face-to-face interview has a component of verbal and non-verbal communication. Let’s dissect the core of communication through the Albert Mehrabian rule, also known as the 7 38 55 rule. These specific numbers refer to the two-way communication system, where there is a receiver and a message sender. The rule says that 7% of the meaning will be carried through the spoken word, 38% through tone of voice, and 55% through body language. 


Now, think it through – how can you choose your future employee of the month when all of those parts are entirely omitted while simply screening résumés? Identifying the best candidates for an interview requires more than that; it needs complex interpretation and deeper involvement. 


That might be one of the reasons why hiring managers take up to 49 days to fill a role. They simply try to stack rank thousands of resumes and figure out what each of them tells a story about the person behind it. Knowing that the top candidates are only in the market briefly for 10 days, know that time is crucial to get your super-hires.


At Interviewer.AI, we use an Explainable AI approach, to speed up the hiring processes and assess the skills of candidates. All to provide the best possible outcomes and optimize the hiring processes making the CEOs’ and hiring managers’ work easier.


Extending Databases For Bias-Free, Top Hiring

There are so many different factors that help predict top hires, but we have to accept that hiring is, by nature, subjective. Being in a hiring manager’s shoes, you would most likely choose different candidates from the same pool of applicants than another person holding the same position. It might also be because you have a different understanding of what qualities you seek in candidates to build the team of your dreams.


Here’s where AI-powered recruitment software comes in. It minimizes human biases and rates candidates without picking up these personal preferences. 


AI-powered solutions in hiring processes are necessary, especially in the face of the pandemic when so many people are applying for roles. And sifting through hundreds of resumes without risking missing someone who might be a true talent for your job role is simply beyond human capabilities.


So, now all you need to do is place your bet on smart choices and smart hires

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