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Zapier is one of the most widely used online platforms to automate tasks for you. Zapier does this by moving data between apps automatically after you pair the apps on Zapier. Integration with Zapier can help you focus on other important work.


Interviewer.AI is a listed app on Zapier. Some apps you can integrate with Interviewer.AI on Zapier are ClickUp, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google Sheets, and Slack.


On Zapier, tasks are automated using ‘Zaps.’ A Zap is a workflow that consists of a ‘Trigger’ (event on Interviewer.AI) and one or more desired ‘Actions’ that must be automated in the paired app. For example, an email is automatically sent to a Microsoft Outlook ID when a candidate submits an interview response on Interviewer.AI.


Continue reading this topic to know the benefits, prerequisites, and other integration details.



  • Notify users without Interviewer.AI licenses about the hiring activities: an integration with Gmail or Microsoft Outlook can help you notify any user through emails when jobs are posted, or candidates are shortlisted.
  • Notify internal teams about hiring activities: an integration with Slack can help you send out direct messages or channel messages to internal team members.
  • Track hiring progress: an integration with Google Sheets can build out job progress or candidate evaluation reports without human intervention.
  • Manage hiree lifecycle: an integration with Zoho Recruit can help you manage the hirees using the native features in Zoho Recruit.
  • Collect candidate experience surveys: an integration with Startquestion can help you send surveys to candidates asking for their feedback about the interview process.


  • You must have an active subscription (Pro, Premium, Advanced, or Enterprise) and be an Admin for the subscription.
  • You must have a fully functional account on Zapier with the same email address you use for Interviewer.AI.
  • You must decide on the app you want to integrate with Interviewer.AI and have an account for the app. See Interviewer.AI app pairs on Zapier for more details.


On Interviewer.AI

  • Go to Profile icon > Integrations and generate and copy the API key for Zapier.

On Zapier

  1. Create a Custom Zap, select Interviewer.AI as the trigger app, and select a trigger event.
  2. Authenticate the integration by specifying the API key and the email address.
  3. Test the trigger.
  4. Add the action for the Zap by specifying the target app and the action. This may need you to log into the target app for authentication.
  5. Test the Zap and turn it ON.

After the one-time pairing with an app, all you need to do is add more Zaps to automate more tasks.


Supported Triggers and Actions

We support the following trigger events from Interviewer.AI:

  • Create candidate – triggered when a new candidate record is manually added to the job interview.
  • Create job – triggered when a new job interview is created.
  • Send candidate result – triggered when our AI calculates candidate results.
  • Submit interview – triggered when a candidate completes their interview.

Actions depend on the type of app you are pairing with. Go to Interviewer.AI app pairs on Zapier, select the app, and scroll down to see the actions supported for the app.


Trigger-to-action mappings for Zaps must be relevant. For example, while a Create Job (on Interviewer.AI) to Update Contact (in Microsoft Outlook) is possible, the resulting actions may not be purposeful.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or look through our Help Center!

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