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Interviewer.AI is an AI-powered, smart video recruitment platform that helps you shortlist top-quality talent from all job applicants in minutes. 

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Spend 80% less time prescreening candidates

Our all-in-one, AI-powered video recruitment platform combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with the latest I/O psychological measures of candidate performance.

That’s why we can rank your applicants in 20% of the time you’re currently spending on candidate selection.

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Nikola Nowak
Lead Recruiter at Tutlo

“This is a huge time-saver as a plain CRM is not enough nowadays—especially with a large number of applications, where it is not possible to talk to each person individually and we all know each person is much more than just a CV. I believe it’s a great tool for every company!”


Increase diversity with Explainable AI

Unlike other black box AI hiring tools, Interviewer.AI implements many measures to ensure that our platform identifies your best candidates no matter their race, ethnicity, or gender.

Chief among them is our Explainable AI approach, which allows us to calculate the key success factor scores using explainable machine learning methods that can be interpreted by a human being.

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Mohammed Adam
Chairman at ITVNetworks

“I found it very easy to use without reference to the user manual or the help command; Everything just worked great and I was up and running in a few minutes.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach out to my target candidates using Interviewer.AI?

Simply create a new job on Interviewer.AI, generate a structured questionnaire for key skills you are looking for in candidates such as growth mindset, adaptability, time management.
Copy the shareable link for the job and share it as a LinkedIn status update. You can also embed the Interviewer.AI job link to the 'Apply now' button to the Job Description on your company career page.

How does Interviewer.AI act as a hiring assistant?

Interviewer.AI acts as a hiring assistant by helping you shortlist top quality candidates from 100s of applicants. No more sifting through resumes or countless traditional interviews before you meet your desired hire.
Simply create a job and Interviewer.AI will do the following:

Collect all applicants on a single dashboard.
Resume Scoring, WorkMap(Skill) Assessment and a short structured video interview for skills such as teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking, etc. without the need for the human interviewer to be present.
It then sorts candidates according to their scores for your review. E.g. Soft Skills, Professionalism, Sociability, Communication, Energy levels along with a detailed AI score for each candidate for the said soft skills.
Now you can easily shortlist 3-5 candidates, share within your team to decide which candidates you invite for a face-to-face interview.

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“Trust me, 3 minutes of interviewing is better than 30!” James Lemon, CEO, The Growth Works
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