What Amazing Job Roles Can I Hire on Interviewer.AI?

Our platform supports hiring for more than 20 job functions such as Customer Service, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, and Sales. Jobs created on Interviewer.AI are complemented with interview questions for the skills required for the job. You can pick and choose the skills and questions based on your expectations from the hires.


So, you can pretty much hire for any job role!


How Is It Possible that I Can Hire for Any Job Role?

Our Computer Vision (expression analysis), Voice Analysis, and Natural language processing (NLP) capabilities assess and score candidates’ video responses for Professionalism, Sociability, Communication, and Energy levels. You can play the videos and manually score the candidates for additional factors such as Clarity, Conciseness, and Relevance.


If you do not find the job roles you’re looking for, please reach out to our Customer Support. We can help you add them and handpick the skills from our WorkMap framework.

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