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At Interviewer.AI, we are focused on building the penultimate step to hire great talent. We want to combine the application process with the first interview round, in a way never seen before. This requires an enormous conviction, belief in the vision, and painstakingly minute innovations that redefine hiring. If you want to be a part of this journey, come work with us.

Join the future of hiring

Head of Partnerships & Alliances

Interviewer.AI is looking for a remote, full-time head of partnerships to work with leading communities, platforms, job boards, universities, ed-tech companies, startup accelerators to integrate Interviewer.AI, a game-changing, pre-interview platform that helps business leaders invest their time interviewing the right talent. 

Lead Data Scientist

In this role, you will be spearheading a small, but growing team of data analysts and data scientists, to help businesses use data-driven insights on every candidate to make the most informed hiring decisions in the shortest possible time. 

Customer Success Associate

We are looking for a Customer Success Associate to work with our growing clients in the US market, in the same time zone.  Your top responsibility day-in and day-out is to delight our customers. You will serve as the subject matter expert, advising your accounts on best practices for leveraging Interviewer.AI to grow their businesses. 

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