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Organizations need to adapt their hiring practices to attract the best talent. They also need to invest in products that will help employees navigate the new world of work, which is likely to be a hybrid of remote and office-based work.
Asynchronous videos are useful beyond hiring.  They are useful for employer and employee connection as well.
Hiring managers wanted to filter the best candidates from the group of applicants to interview. Asynchronous video interviews (AVI) as an easier way to shortlist the quality candidates that they truly wanted to interview.
Top interview questions that employers are asking in 2022 to pre-screen candidates.
Refreshing new design for seamless navigation with our new interview flow.
Top skills that employers are looking for in 2022, from our data and insights at Interviewer.AI
In Conversation: Tamara Sanderson is the co-founder of Remote Works, an organisational design and consulting firm and co-author of Remote Works: A Manager’s Playbook for Designing Great Remote Work Experiences.

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